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10 Food Scraps You Should Actually Eat

Don’t trash that! Scraps of your favorite fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients—and a healthy dose of flavor

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Are You Throwing Away the Healthiest Parts of Your Food?

If all of your slicing, dicing, and peeling leaves about as much produce in the trash as on your plate, it’s time to rethink your menu.

Some of the most concentrated and varied nutrients are found in the parts of fruits and vegetables that we normally discard as waste, says Alexandra Caspero, RD, owner of weight-management and sports-nutrition service Delicious Knowledge. During the growing process, they’re often exposed to different elements than the bulk of the plant, providing them a uniquely beneficial nutritional profile.

Here, 10 “scraps” you should save for your plate—and how to make them taste delicious.

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