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Dance Classes for Adults

10 Dance-Inspired Fitness Classes You Have to Try

In a fitness rut? Let loose—and tighten up—with these dance exercise classes. Don’t worry—leg warmers are optional

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You can achieve the long, lean look of a ballerina even if you don’t have a clue what first position is. (Search: What is first position?) Ballet-inspired barre workouts use the ballet barre as a prop for bodyweight isometric moves, holding positions like pliés and squats for a minute or more to work both major and smaller stabilizing muscles. “It’s very challenging,” says says certified group fitness instructor Lisa Welko, president and owner of Ellipse Fitness. “You are moving deeply in ways you wouldn’t otherwise, even with dumbbells.”

Sign Up! Look for Pure Barre, The Bar Method, and Barre3 locations in your city. They are some of the most popular barre franchises and have locations across the country where all they do is barre. At your first class, talk to your instructor about any knee or hip limitations so she can work with you to safely modify poses.

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