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Advanced Yoga Poses

10 Challenging Yoga Poses to Master in 2013

This year, take your yoga moves to the next level with these advanced poses

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10 Challenging Yoga Poses to Master in 2013 // arm balance yoga pose c Thinkstock


Make 2013 the year you work your way into the advanced yoga class. “Take as many yoga classes as you can—with each session, you’ll advance your skills,” says Halle Becker, yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in New York City. Convinced you’ll be in the beginner’s group forever? Let go of your ego, suggests Elise Joan, certified yoga instructor featured in Dr. Lisa: Yoga Blast DVD. “There’s a 90-percent chance of failure when learning new moves, so you can’t be afraid to fall over,” she says.

Can Yoga Fix Everything?

With practice and patience, you can master even challenging yoga poses. Follow these steps to learn these advanced poses.

Discover how to sculpt a lean yoga body in 15 minutes a day! 

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