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10 Celebs Who Sweat With Their Pets

For these stars, there’s no better workout buddy than a canine best friend. See who’s been spotted working out with their dogs

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10 Celebs Who Sweat With Their Pets // Kellan Lutz, Amanda Seyfried, Kelsey Grammer with dogs c PacificCoastNews/Splash News

PacificCoastNews/Splash News

The secret to an A-list body might just be a four-legged companion. Loads of research shows that pets are powerful motivators to help people get active. Dog owners are more likely to take regular walks, and a recent study shows that people with dogs are generally more fit and engage in more physical activity overall compared with people who don’t own dogs. The following celebrities have certainly reaped some benefits—read on to see which fit stars like to hoof it with their pups. (Plus: You can sweat with your pet too--check out the 10 New Ways to Exercise with Your Pet.)

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