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Eddie Bauer

If there was ever a thing we don't know how women lived without, it's jogger pants. Not only are they super easy to throw on over a pair of spandex heading to and from the gym, but they're also uber comfortable and the perfect piece for your weekend wardrobe. What's better than your average joggers? Joggers at a discount.

Enter today's #SaturdaySaver from Eddie Bauer Motion, the signature brand's new active line. These Stretch French Terry Jogger Pants are made with soft, flexible fabric that screams "WEAR ME ON A SATURDAY!" Great for a trip to the gym or a trip to the grocery store, they come in both grey and black.

Was: $70

Now: $39.99


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Woman working out

Every week Fitbie features rad playlists from rad fitness instructors. This week Shay Kostabi, ReXist360’s premier master trainer at The Movement, shares hers with us. 

"Music so important to me and such a powerful motivational tool," says Kostabi. "I like to think of each playlist as a journey or a story that I want to take my clients on. So I carefully curate tracks that not only compliment movement patterns but will ignite a particular feeling on trying to get across."

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Calia By Carrie Underwood Essential Fitness Jacket Blog entry Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:10:44 -0400 Fitbie
calia by carie

If there's one thing every woman can appreciate, it's a piece that goes from your run to errands, to a night out with the girls. That's why we're juge fans of this week's #FitbieFind, the Essential Fitness Jacket from Calia by Carrie Underwood. Boasting a slim, tailored fit that's perfect for wear during a run and then wherever the wind takes you, the jacket also has thumbholes which come in clutch. Plus, it's equipped with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial performance technologies, so it keeps you fresh and dry through your workout. 

What else we love: 
• Bodyfree antimicrobial technology that resists stink
• Reflective rose gold zippers and logo
• Ribbed side piecing for a more flattering fit

The Details: Calia By Carrie Underwood Essential Fitness Jacket, $79,

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Emily Abbate
The Secret to Khloe Kardashian's Impressive Slimdown Blog entry Tue, 24 Mar 2015 16:22:09 -0400 Fitbie
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has long been critisized for her weight, but that’s all changing as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star drops pounds and highlights the entire weight loss process on social media. 

With her recent post of her six-pack abs blowing up Instagram, it’s easy to think the youngest sister has jumped on the latest diet fad. The real secret? She's doing it the 'ol fashion way, with a smart diet and exercise. While she does find time to work out with a trainer five days a week, Khloe also vouches that portion control has been a major part of her success strategy. Eating what she loves, but just in smaller sizes, helps the youngest Dash Doll avoid feeling deprived. 

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“Khloe's weight loss strategy is a sensible approach that has been proven to work for people,” says Sarah Schumacher, MS, RDN, CDE. “When practicing portion control, I suggest people start measuring the plates, bowls and cups at home so that they have a better sense of how much they hold,” says Schumacher. “I also encourage them to start measuring or weighing food to better understand serving sizes and how these servings look on their individual plates and bowls.”

Don't have time to mess with measurements? Schumacher offers the following scale-free tips for achieving nearly perfect portions and are just right whether eating in your own kitchen or away from home:

1. Shrink your food holders: Use smaller plates, bowls and cups, swapping salad plates for dinner plates, bowls that hold no more than 1.5 cups, and drinking beverages other than water from 8 oz glasses.

2. Divide your plate: Using a small plate, fill 1/4 with a lean protein, 1/4 with a whole grain, and half with vegetables.

3. Give yourself a hand: Your hand is a perfect measuring device. Serve up a lean protein, such as chicken, fish or turkey, that is about the size of your palm. A teaspoon of dressing or nut butter is about the size of your fingertip. And one cup of any dish is about the size of your fist.

4. Veg out: Vegetables should be the star of every meal. If you're serving brown rice, add in steamed broccoli to cut back on the higher calorie rice. If you're making lasagna, cut back on the noodles by adding zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and spinach.

5. Play quarterback: When just starting out with understanding portions, put a "quarter back" of whatever non-veggie food you chose first. An empty plate can be deceiving, so you’ll likely take more than you need.

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Fitbie Find: Perfect Fit Protein Powder Blog entry Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:48:16 -0400 Fitbie
Perfect Fit protein

As a food and fitness editor, I've sampled a ton of protein powders. My criteria for a winning formula: As few ingredients as possible, no artificial sweeteners, no funky aftertaste, and finely ground so it blends easily. I've also recently started to lean toward vegan options, since research suggests that eating more plants can boost your health, and I get enough animal protein in the rest of my diet.

More from Fitbie: 8 Vegan-Friendly Foods Packed With Protein   

Today's #fitbiefind, Perfect Fit Protein Powder, meets all of my requirements and has been regularly making appearances in my morning smoothies and healthy desserts. Created by Tone It Up girls Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (their new book Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous is available for pre-order now), Perfect Fit is an brown rice-based protein powder that comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Roll. It's super blendable (making for a thick and creamy smoothie), and it's also a great way to slash sugar in healthy baked goods.

What it is: yummy, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. What it's not: cheap. A large bag (45 servings) will set you back $60, and the boxes of 20 individual packets -- which are great for fueling on the go -- go for $40. It's also pretty sweet. I often like to use an unsweetened protein powder in my breakfast smoothies to let the natural fruit flavors shine, but Perfect Fit is sweetened with stevia, so if you want a plain-jane powder, this one's not for you.

What else we  love:

• All organic ingredients

15 grams of protein per serving

• No GMOs

The Details: Perfect Fit Protein Powder, $40-$60, 

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Spinning Workout Blog entry Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:38:32 -0400 Fitbie
Jess King

Most of the time, getting yourself to a workout class in between early morning meetings and your 18th bridal shower of the year feels remotely impossible. Which is why when it comes to finding the time to get your sweat on, we don't blame you for wanting to get the most out of your workout with the time you do have. 

If spinning is your thing, then you're in luck. New research reveals that the trick to killing your next workout and improve your aerobic capacity on the bike, is in your stance. According to researchers from the University of Miami in Florida, incorporating more running and standing climbs into your workout is the key. 

More from Fitbie: The Emotional Playlist That'll Help You Slay Your Next Spin Workout (LISTEN)

In the study, researchers recruited 11 adults who were taking at least one spinning class a week for six months, minimum. After completing 12 cycling combinations including varying positions, oxygen consumption levels and breathing raters were higher with these two upright positions compared to when seated. 

Okay, standing ride, got it. But there's more to maximizing your workout than just the positioning of your torso. We caught up with Peloton cyling coach and NASM-certified personal trainer Jessica King for her five tips to maximize your spin workout

1. Set goals: "Maximize any workout, especially on the bike, by setting goals," suggests King. "You'll get more of a well-rounded, fun experience without the monotony of the one-two pedal stroke that cycling lives in."

2. Set up your bike appropriately: "Proper bike setup is essential for efficiency and safety," says King. "A lot of it is preference. There are certain rules to follow as far as saddle height being up at the hip bone, but everyone's body is different. Definitely have a professional check out your setup and then play with it. If you feel too much pressure in your knees, you might need to pull the seat up a bit. If you have lower back problems or you're pregnant, then your handle bars should be set up higher."

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3. Remember your core: "You want to be able to hold your own weight by engaging the core muscles and lifting the abdominals, so you're not dumping weight into the saddle and into your joints," says King. "Once you've established really wonderful, supported form in the core, then you can make choices; get a little dance-y on the bike should you want to, trust yourself in the longer sprints, take the resistance heavy because you know that your power is coming from the right place, derived and rooted in a place of safety and strength."

4. Push that extra bit: "When you hit that place of fatigue, when you can't go anymore, go ten more seconds," urges King. "Trust me, you'll be surprised of what your capable of when you push that extra bit."

5. Enter the workout with the right mentality: "Have an intention behind showing up," suggests King. "Come to the bike with purpose. Odds are [the reason you're on the bike] is bigger than you. What brought you to the bike is consuming, it's bigger, and it's important. The work you do in the saddle or out of it should reflect that, that place, necessity. I personally come to the bike with a need. Whether it's to make my wrongs right of what I ate the night before, I'm facing a cross in the road and I don't know what path to take, or I'm hurt emotionally, or I'm simply expelling frustration or seeking forgiveness. We are emotional beings whether you want to recognize it or not, and what a waste it would be to push your body to such an extreme and not connect to a higher purpose."

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Emily Abbate
Police Officer Helps Woman Who Lost 200 Pounds Finish 10K Race (PHOTO) Blog entry Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:26:09 -0400 Fitbie
Asia Ford

Usually, finishing last in any race may be a bit of a downer. But for Asia Ford, who at her heaviest weighted 474 pounds, crossing the finish line of the Rodes City Run in last place was a tearjerking victory. 

For years, Ford struggled with her weight. After her husband lost a limb as a result of diabetes, she knew that she had to do something to change her life for the better. This past Saturday marked the accomplishment of a big goal for her, finishing a 10K race after already losing more than 200 pounds. As things were going smoothly along the 6-mile course, mile 4 hit and so did an unsettled stomach. As she was walking, determined to make it to the finish line, a stranger -- Lt. Aubrey Gregory, pulled up next to her. 

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"He asked me if I wanted to stop, and I was like 'No, we have to more miles to go,'" Ford told a local newspaper. 

Soon, her son joined the duo, and the three walked toward the finish with the crowds roaring.

"This 6.2 miles meant more to me than any race ever," said Ford on Facebook after the race. "My message today is, You don't have to be 1st, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GIVE UP AND YOU FINISH ... YOU ARE A WINNER."

We couldn't of said it better ourselves. Looking for the motivation you need to finish your first 5K, 10K, or half-marathon? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Running for Weight Loss

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Asics Gel Preleus Blog entry Sat, 21 Mar 2015 10:00:07 -0400 Fitbie
Asics Gel Preleus

Spring has officially sprung, which means now is as good of a time as any to lace up, get out, and enjoy the seasonally warmer temperatures. It's also the perfect excuse to shove those treadmill-worn sneakers aside for something new. Enter this week's #SaturdaySaver, the Gel Preleus from Asics. With a super comfortable heel brought to you by their Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System, each step will feel more plush than the next. Plus, at only 8.5 oz, nothing's weighing you down. Oh, and did we mention it's available in three different color ways? Sign. Us. Up.

Was: $100
Now: $59

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Emily Abbate
The Perfect Playlist to Complement Your Pilates Workout (LISTEN) Blog entry Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:08:51 -0400 Fitbie
Pilates stretching

Every week Fitbie features rad playlists from rad fitness instructors. This week Jackie Dragone, director of FlexBarre at Flex Studios, shares hers with us. Flex Studios recently added the FlexFormer machine to their studio, which combines two of the most effective pieces of Pilates equipment, the Wunda Chair and the reformer. 

"This is a playlist I used for a Flex 30/30 class earlier this week (a combination of Pilates and Barre)," says Dragone. "I chose these songs because they are high energy and have a driving beat. In the FlexBarre portion, the entire workout is set to the beat of the music so it is important that the tunes compliment the energy and intensity of the class! I make sure my playlist maintains the same upbeat vibe in the FlexPilates portion of the class as well, but I make sure the music slows down a bit in the right places. We use our proprietary FlexFormer machine during FlexPilates and focusing on form forces you to go at a slightly slower pace. But, the workout is just as hard and intense so the music is important to help keep you in that head space!”

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Fitbie Find: Manduka Yogitoes Towel Blog entry Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:00:46 -0400 Fitbie
Manduka Yogitoes Towel

Recently, I jumped on the hot yoga bandwagon. I find that after a class, and sweating out all those toxins, my body feels better and I feel more centered. But I'll be the first to admit: There's nothing more annoying than trying to get your zen on and being on a slippery yoga mat. Chatarungas are hard enough as it is without your toes slipping all over the place. Enter this week's #FitbieFind, the Manduka Yogitoes Towel. Made with skidless technology, the mat offers grip on one side to prevent slipping and movement, no matter how much you sweat. Plus, it's machine washable, which means easy cleaning post-drenched class. 

What else we love: 
• Available in dozens of color combinations
• Made from 50 percent recycled fiber content, takes 2/3 less energy to produce

The Details: Manduka Yogitoes Towel, $68,

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Emily Abbate
Watch This Guy Crush 'Uptown Funk' On a Treadmill (VIDEO) Blog entry Wed, 18 Mar 2015 09:58:36 -0400 Fitbie
Carson Dean Uptown Funk treadmill dance

We'll be the first to admit that horsing around on a treadmill can get you in some serious trouble. But if you're looking for a new way of fitness that involves a little pep in your step, you certainly wouldn't be the first person to give treadmill dancing a go. That's right: Treadmill dancing. It's what actor and choreographer Carson Dean did recently, and now his take on Mark Ronson and Brunos Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk" is going viral. 

According to Dean, this is the "best cardio workout." And while we don't disagree (it's certainly a fun one, anyway) -- we can think of a few safer ways to get your sweat on while busting a move. Check out our list of 10 Dance-Inspired Fitness Classes You Have to Try

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Emily Abbate
One-on-One With Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi Blog entry Tue, 17 Mar 2015 10:01:44 -0400 Fitbie
Meb Keflezighi

Sitting down with defending 2014 Boston Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi is not my typical Monday afternoon. As I stare at the 5-foot-5, roughly 126-pound runner, I can't help but think this isn't what I thought it'd be. Not because of his small stature or undeniable shining bald head; because of his pure humbleness. He's well-spoken, passionate about his two children and wife Yordanos just as much as he is his sport. I notice almost immediately: That big-toothed smile. He can't stop smiling. 

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I can't blame him. Coming out 8th overall in the New York City Half-Marathon this past weekend, he's feeling happy, healthy, and ready for Boston in just over three weeks. Not to mention, come April 7, the Eritrean-born American long distance runner will be a published author yet again. Meb for Mortals, the Olympian's first book since winning Boston, offers beginner and veterans alike expert tips on how to run, think, and eat like (surprise) Meb.

So I asked him: How's he feeling? What's the vibe going back into Boston? And what advice can he offer beginner runners? For the record, his answers had me toting that same, toothy smile.

How are you feeling about your performance yesterday at the NYC Half?
I love half marathons. It's great to be able to run the race and be normal the next day and do things. I mean, you always wish you could win or place as high as possible, I finished eighth. I'm happy with that. I'm healthy, I ran this morning, and the bigger picture is again, April 20, the Boston Marathon. I'm a year older, I can't complain. 

How are you feeling about Boston this year? What's your outlook?
With a month to go for marathon training, I'm where I want to be. I wish I was faster yesterday with the turnover. But what I did [at the NYC Half] was faster than marathon pace, and that will allow me to buy time to 18, 19, 20 miles with a group. After that it's all mental game, and I hope to be competitive and that'll give me another shot at winning the Boston Marathon. 

How many miles did you run in February – or will you run in March – in preparation for Boston?
I had like, 600, with running and cross-training in February which is only 28 days. I'm anticipating the same thing or maybe a little less for March because of the travel that will make up for the 31 days in the month. You're talking about probably, 600 or 700 miles. I know I have run over 70,000 miles in my career.

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What are some things "regular runners" should be thinking about/remembering at this stage in preparation for Boston, or any marathon, with about a month out?
A month out, as I mention in Meb for Mortals, the work is done. Now it's how do you fine tune the machine to be able to capitalize on what you've been working so hard on. You don't ignore the training, but you just sharpen up your tools. Be healthy. Especially 3 weeks out, there are a lot of things you can do wrong, very few things you can do to be better. Just focus; do what you've been doing. 

What is the most time you've ever cut off of a marathon PR at once?
Probably last year. Was stuck in the 2:09:00-range forever. Went from 2:09:08 to 2:08:37, 31 seconds -- a pretty good chunk. 

Ideal goal time for Boston?
I'm going into Boston with three goals: To win, to podium, or run a personal best. If I could run a personal best which is 2:08:36 I'll be happy. If I could run and podium, I'll be happy. If I could run and win, I'll be ecstatic. 

Do you see yourself competing as a master runner as you get older?
For me, I turn 40 on May 5. So yeah, the first part of 40, I would love to. What's my first 40-year-old race gonna be? Can I hit that American record or win the title? It's there, most importantly I want to exceed personal challenges, thinking of being 41 and being in the Olympics.

On some of your hardest days, what are the things you think about to stay positive?
Hard days are tough. Some things you can control, some things you can't. [For me, I] know that people are counting on you. You won Boston, you inspire people. [I tell myself] it's not all about winning, it's about getting the best out of yourself. Even in training, try to do that, so when it comes to a race, you can duplicate. You want to be able to perform. How do you stay positive? Visualize the training so that when it comes to a race, you're doing it.

What's the piece of advice you'd give to someone who never put on sneakers before? 
We make it look easy, but it's not easy. The hardest part about running is tying your shoes and getting out the door. You don't even have to run, just go a half-mile walk and come back. Two days later, maybe go run that mile or half-mile, then walk the next half. If you can do that routinely, for say, 3 weeks, you'll see changes in your body, changes in your mentality, and that's going to keep you hooked.  

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Quinn Farm-to-Bag Popcorn Blog entry Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:16:07 -0400 Fitbie
Quinn popcorn

We've been big fans of Quinn popcorn since we discovered their microwave bags last year: squeaky clean ingredients, inventive flavors, and no chemicals to be found. Plus, popcorn's a smart snack when you want something crunchy and savory. You get a gram of fiber for every 30-calorie cup, and recent research found that it contains 15 times more antioxidants than its sister snack, the tortilla chip

More from Fitbie: The Best Gluten-Free Snacks 

But for those times when you want a popcorn fix that doesn't require a microwave, we're loving Quinn's latest offering, Farm-to-Bag popcorn. This #fitbiefind features the same noble nutrition stats as the microwave version, but it's ready to eat whenever you are. Even better, the unique flavors make you feel like you're having a gourmet snack (no "movie theater butter" here). We're talking California Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Cheddar & Chipotle, and Kale & Sea Salt (sounds a little strange, I know, but I actually loved this one -- it doesn't really taste like kale; it just has an extra dimension of flavor that kicks things up a notch). 

What else we love:

Fewer than 40 calories per cup

Non-GMO corn

• Using the "batch number," you can see exactly what went into making each bag.

The details: Quinn Farm-to-Bag Popcorn, $5,

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Cathryne Keller
Fitbie Find: Eddie Bauer Firelight Space Dye Hoodie Blog entry Sat, 14 Mar 2015 10:00:07 -0400 Fitbie
Eddie Bauer

The best workout clothes are the ones you find yourself using often. Not just because they're cute, but mostly because they're comfortable. That's where this #SaturdaySaver from Eddie Bauer's new active line, Motion, comes in. Enter the Firelight Space Dye Hoodie, featuring FreeHeat fabric that helps you stay warm when it's chilly out. Perfect for that early morning run or just lounging around the house, this hoodie is made extra cozy with its brushed interior that feels velvet to the touch. Plus, it's available in three colors. For 40 percent off, you may need to snag two. 

Was: $99
Now: $59

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Emily Abbate
'Sports Illustrated' Model Erin Heatherton Spills Her Workout Secrets Blog entry Fri, 13 Mar 2015 15:28:03 -0400 Fitbie
Erin Heatherton

At 26, Erin Heatherton has made quite the name for herself. After being discovered by a scout while vacationing with friends in South Beach, the model's now walked the runway for big names like Prada, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and perhaps most notably -- Victoria's Secret, among others. 

But it's walking off the runway that's got her making headlines. Heatherton recently worked with Fitbit on one of their celebrity challenges, where the company pitted her against fellow model Hilary Rhoda to see who can log the most activity in a single week, all to benefit the American Heart Association. Despite coming up short in the challenge (Erin ranked up 75,645 steps to Hilary's 104,613 over the course of five days), there's one takeaway here: for a swimsuit and lingerie model, working out is not optional. 

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We had the chance to catch up with the Angel recently and ask her about her fit routine (and her go-to sweat style). And well, we've gotta say, we're pretty impressed with how badass this girl from Skokie, Illinois, really is. 

How do you get ready for shows?
I love to do ballet, SoulCycle and yoga when I'm getting ready for a show. It's important to stay loose and long so I like to mix up high intensity workouts with a hot yoga class at Moksha. I love a volcano juice from Juice Press first thing I the morning and a gravity juice mid-meals. I eat greens and lean proteins to stay fit.

What a typical workout for you?
Ballet is my favorite workout. Recently I've fallen in love with SoulCycle -- I feel so energized after! It's important to have fun when I'm working out and SoulCycle classes make me feel alive.

But we've also heard you like running. What's that look like for you?
I run, when not working and/or traveling like a fiend, three times a week, anywhere from 1 to 3 miles. The most important thing for me is not the distance (quantity), but quality (incline). Incline walking and jogging is great cardio and most importantly, good for the buns. 

Generally speaking, a lot of models are about workouts that help lengthen and tone, instead of building muscles. Are there classes you stray away from because of what muscles they work?
Everything in moderation. I build muscle quickly, but that won’t stop me from enjoying an uplifting, sweat-worthy Soul Cycle class. Yes, my favorite exercises are mostly low impact, like Ballet Beautiful and yoga, but the "feel good” from a high intensity class is totally worth it. Just make sure you give it a good stretch afterwards.
Okay so let's talk clothes. When you're on your run or at the studio, what are you wearing? 
My go-to brands are Nike and Under Armour. Nike is soft and so comfortable -- love their dri-fit. Under Armour is the best for this insanely frigid NY winter. Even wear it on a date night under a sweater.
How do you stay motivated when you don't want to hit the gym at all?
I’m always motivated to prepare for a job that excites me. When I’m really unmotivated, it is usually a sign that I am tired and really need rest more than anything. Rest should never be underestimated. It is a tool/facility that can have an impact just as powerful as exercise- in terms of looking and feeling good. Other than that, good music and my Fitbit are excellent motivators!
End on a high, yes? What's some advice you'd give to someone looking to get into fitness and a healthier lifestyle, starting from scratch?
Try a class that will inspire you and teach you something new. Get a Fitbit. Sleep more (7 to 9 hours). Dance or put on some music you love. Walk more and drive less. 

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Emily Abbate
Push Your Limits With This Remix-Heavy Workout Playlist (LISTEN) Blog entry Fri, 13 Mar 2015 10:00:13 -0400 Fitbie
Lisa Niren Peloton Cycle

Every week Fitbie features rad playlists from rad fitness instructors. This week Lisa Niren, head coach at Peloton, shares hers with us. 

"Early on in my career as an indoor cycling instructor, I realized that a rider walks in with a particular mood and I have the ability to help them walk out totally transformed, providing a cathartic experience," says Niren. "Music transcends all, connecting people at their soul and on a physical level, which makes it one of the most important things I do.  A playlist moves my riders and me by tapping into feelings and memories. A strong beat can draw emotion and movement together creating an exhilarating and fun workout. I use my playlist to bridge the gap between tapping into an emotional experience and an interval based class. The music guiding the playlist can help people find their edge or limit and actually push beyond. People tend to push harder and dig deeper, for longer periods of time, when they are loving the great remix I am playing because they can not only hear the beat, but really feel it and push the pedal to the metal."

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Lole Lily Tote Bag Blog entry Thu, 12 Mar 2015 14:19:19 -0400 Fitbie
Lily Tote Bag

There's nothing more annoying than trying to cram everything you own into the confines of your gym bag. Okay, correction: There's nothing more annoying than carrying around an ugly gym bag. This #FitbieFind from Lole takes care of both those things. Not only is the Lily Tote Bag made from fun luminous fabric, but it literally has a compartment and section for everything you could ever desire. Seriously. A special yoga mat compartment (your mat fits snug through the front of the bag, making it one less thing you have to lug around), a laptop compartment, a shoe bag, a transparent cosmetic case, plenty of pockets, the whole nine yards.

Oh, but we're not done yet. It also converts into a backpack. Yup, with straps to both carry the bag over your shoulder or sling around your back, the decision is all yours. 

What else we love:
• Available in six fun colors
• Smartphone pocket

The Details: Lole Lily Tote Bag, Starting at $95,

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Emily Abbate
Eva Mendes Doesn't Need to 'Love' Working Out But She Should Like It Blog entry Wed, 11 Mar 2015 16:21:50 -0400 Fitbie
Eva Mendes

Even though she’s only five months post-baby, Eva Mendes in on the cover of Women's Health's April issue looking fit as ever. How'd she do it? Well, for starters, she kept her fitness up throughout pregnancy, which made it easier to bounce back into her workouts. She also credits her slim waistline (and oh-so-perfect skin) to a meat-free diet, which she’s followed for about six years.

More from Fitbie: The Best Cardio Workout for People Who Hate Cardio

The downside? Turns out girlfriend doesn’t love her workouts. Ryan Gosling's other half claims she’s made peace with the running, sprinting, and weight lifting, but just doesn't love her daily sweat sessions. Personal trainer and author of the new book The 30-Second Body, Adam Rosante, says that with so many options, getting active shouldn't be something you dread (whether you're Eva Mendes or not). The key? Finding a workout that works with your lifestyle and finding the right motivation to get moving when you’d rather binge-watch on the couch. Check out his expert tips for a better workout you enjoy

1. Lean in to what you like: "The best workout is the one you're going to do," Rosante says. So think about things you enjoy that you wouldn't necessarily classify as a workout. Love to swim in the summer? There's a gym with a pool somewhere just waiting for you to dive in. Action movie fangirl? Try a kickboxing class. 

2. Get social or go solo: Do you love the camaraderie and motivation that comes with team sports? If so, the dynamic of a group class may be just what you need to stay committed. (Bonus: a workout buddy will keep you accountable). Not into team work? That’s OK! “If you shy away from group activities,” he says, “a session with a trainer can help you develop good form and give you a repertoire of exercises on which you can build a killer program.”

3. Shop around: "The best way to find a workout you really like is to, quite simply, try a lot of workouts,” Rosante advises. “Not only may you find your perfect workout, you could just find an amazing new group of friends."

4. Dig deep: Not feeling it today? "Find your why power," Rosante encourages. "This is your own personal reason for working out.” It might take some searching, but once you find it, it’s the best get-going motivation out there.

5. Pay up: When all else fails, money talks. "Whether you prepay for a package of sessions with a trainer or buy a class card to your favorite studio, when your money's on the line, you're much more likely to stay committed,” said Rosante.

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Are Your Favorite Shows Making You Gain Weight? Blog entry Wed, 11 Mar 2015 15:31:57 -0400 Fitbie
woman watching TV

Sad movies can wreck more than your mascara. They can also do a number on your diet, according to research from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. 

Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the researchers’ findings show that when 30 adults watched the tragedy Love Story in the lab, they ate an average of 28 percent more popcorn than they did when they watched the comedy Sweet Home Alabama. (FYI, Love Story is actually 10 minutes shorter than Sweet Home Alabama.) What’s more, when the researchers went dumpster diving in movie theaters across seven U.S. cities, they found that moviegoers who bought popcorn and watched the sad movie Solaris (99 minutes) ate an average of 55 percent more popcorn than those who watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (96 minutes).

When it comes down to it, it’s really a case of emotional eating, says study co-author Aner Tal, Ph.D., a research associate in the Food and Brand Lab. “Distress in general increases eating.” It doesn’t matter if that’s over real-life tragedies or ones on the silver screen.

More from Women's Health: 3 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating Before You Start 

Sad shows aren’t the only ones that can trigger mindless munching. Previous research from the lab shows that the more action-packed the TV show you’re watching, the more likely you are to also binge on nearby snacks. That’s because fast-paced flicks are so distracting that you don’t realize how much food you’re throwing back. Meanwhile, in one study from Sweden’s Uppsala University, women ate 52 percent more food when they watched a “boring” televised art lecture compared to an “engaging” episode of a popular comedy show.

More from Women's Health: 100 Things You Can Do Instead of Eating Mindlessly 

Still, that doesn’t mean you have to nix sad, action-packed, or slow-moving shows, says lead study author Brian Wansink, Ph.D., author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life. When you watch one, just make sure your theater or couch setup is primed to help you hit your healthy eating goals. Serve yourself smaller portions of unhealthy foods like popcorn or candy, and if you’re at home, do it in the kitchen so you’ll have to get up and pause the show to get a refill, suggests Wansink. If you serve yourself healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, even better -- that can help you get in your five-a-day. Of course, you could skip the screen-induced snacking altogether, and then you'll be free to watch your show or movie of choice without having to worry about unintentionally bingeing.

Originally written by K. Aleisha Fetters for

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Are This Pregnant Model's Six-Pack Abs Healthy? (PHOTOS) Blog entry Wed, 11 Mar 2015 16:39:44 -0400 Fitbie
Sarah Stage

Like many other moms-to-be, 30-year-old model Sarah Stage has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram. The difference between Stage and other mommas, though? The size of her bump. Now more than 8 months pregnant, her abs are still completely visible. Yup, no Jessica Simpson-worthy weight gain here. The 30-year-old has allegedly gained about 20 pounds total while carrying her son. Inevitably, the question arises: Is this healthy?

Eek officially 81/2 months... And he's now 5lbs #34weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

9 months next week. Time is flying by... so excited to meet him (Tan: @bondisands)

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE(@sarahstage) on

"As long as the baby is healthy I don’t think anything else matters," Stage vowed on Good Morning America this week. "That should be the most important thing."

Lori Bregman, author of The Mindful Mom-To-Be, agrees that the baby's well-being is important, but so is the mom's. "It's one thing to stay in shape," says Bregman. "But pregnancy is about embracing your belly. Loving its size. Why would you want to be pregnant and not look it?" 

"If you take pictures of five people that are seven months pregnant, you'll see five different types of bellies," Bregman notes, saying that the way that Stage is carrying her baby weight may just be different than the way many other women do. Still, she's wary of her size. "Maybe she's using a photo filter that makes her look skinnier or adjust her belly. Who knows, with technology these days."

Bregman encourages women of all shapes and sizes to stay active during their pregnancies. Although you may not see (or want!) six-pack definition like Stage, moving around and breaking a sweat is good for both mom and baby. 

"I love yoga, pilates, light weights, walking, swimming -- all of these activities are great for moms to be," says Bregman. "If you worked out before, keep it up. Stay in tune with your body. You'll know if it's too much, if you're tired if you don't feel well, if you start having contractions, or your belly starts tightening too much -- back off. Be mindful and tune in."

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Fitbie Find: CocoaVia Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Mix Blog entry Tue, 10 Mar 2015 15:57:04 -0400 Fitbie
cocoa via

Yes, eating dark chocolate is a proven way to ward off weight gain and stay healthy, but -- and sorry to be a buzzkill here -- it's not the finished product that gives your body a boost. Chocolate's health benefits come mainly from the flavanols found in the cocoa it contains. The added sugar, on the other hand, is not your body's friend.

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The best way to reap chocolate's rewards without gaining weight or hurting your health? Cure your cravings with products like today's #fitbiefind, CocoaVia Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Mix. I discovered these convenient packets of cocoa extract at a recent media event in NYC where a group of us editors worked out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and recovered with CocoaVia-infused shakes and snacks. (Side note: check out Pasternak's new book 5 Pounds if you want to tone up fast -- a mere 30 minutes with that guy and my glutes and tris were sore for days!).

At the event I sampled CocoaVia's unsweetened mix in a peanut butter protein shake, and I've since mixed it into yogurt, oatmeal, and my go-to morning smoothie (my coworker also informed me that it makes an excellent coffee add-in). The best way I can describe it? Super chocolatey. When you're craving chocolate, what your body really wants is that deep, satisfying flavor of cocoa, and this stuff delivers -- for only 25 calories a pop. At $1.50 per pack, it isn't cheap, but with a high concentration of health-promoting flavanols (375 mg per serving), it's worth the splurge if you can swing it.

What else we love:

• Stick-shaped packets are perfect for tossing in your purse of gym bag

• No artificial colors or flavors

The details: CocoaVia Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Mix, $45, 

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Silent Disco Yoga Put Me in the Zone Blog entry Tue, 10 Mar 2015 14:44:24 -0400 Fitbie
sound off yoga

I do my best to never turn down an outside-the-box workout. I get bored easily, and mixing up my routine not only boosts my fitness motivation, but it also gets me better results since I'm challenging my muscles in new ways. (And if you're looking to lose weight, experts say that avoiding a stale workout schedule can also help you slim down.)

More from Fitbie: 10 Simple Gym Hacks for a Better Workout

So when I got an invitation to attend a Sound Off "silent yoga class" last Saturday evening here in New York City -- complete with headphones, black lights, and a live DJ -- I was too curious to pass it up. Plus, I've done yoga in Times Square, so how hard could it be?

The Gist: Sound Off is a super-cool company that organizes “silent discos” in cities across the U.S., featuring wireless, noise-canceling headsets and killer DJs. This winter, they used the same technology to offer Vinyasa-style yoga classes in NYC, where participants wear headphones that pump in house music from a live DJ, as well as instructions from the teacher's wireless microphone. The sessions cost $20 each, and they're hosted in an heated inflatable pop-up structure known as "the Cube," located at New York's South Street Seaport 

The Experience: When I arrived at the Cube, I was handed a pair of wireless black headphones, outlined with green lights that glowed under the black lights. As I rolled out my mat amongst a group of adventurous yogis (mostly 20- and 30-something ladies), in front of DJ Panic's makeshift stage at the front of the room, I noted that there was no music playing. So far, not the yoga partay I was expecting!

When it was time for the class to begin, we put our funky headphones on and our ears were met with rain sounds overlaid with the DJ's zen, slow-tempo beats -- then, I heard Gina, our yoga instructor, taking us through our opening poses. And that was our soundtrack for the duration of the class: rain and waves, Zen club tunes, and Gina's calm, soothing voice instructing us through a variety of classic Vinyasa flow sequences. You would think all the lights and noises would be distracting, but, instead, I found myself easily engaging my inner-self (and my core!). The sights and sounds worked together to create something of a yoga utopia, where you couldn't help but stay in the present moment. 

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My Take: If you couldn't tell yet -- I loved it! I was envisioning a yoga rave -- up-tempo beats, glow sticks, unconventional yoga moves -- but I was pleasantly surprised by a challenging, yet relaxing evening that reminded me why I like to keep yoga in the rotation. Toward the end of the class, Gina told us to let go of any thoughts that weren't serving us, and perhaps for the first time ever, I truly felt like I left all of the negativity that was weighing me down on the mat. I walked away feeling stronger, more centered, and proud of myself for challenging my mind and body in a new way.

Want to experience silent yoga? If you happen to live in NYC, there's one more Sound Off yoga class scheduled this season on Sunday, March 15th, from 6-7 p.m. You can buy your tickets at, and don't forget to bring your own yoga mat!

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The Apple Watch: What Fitness Fans Need to Know Blog entry Mon, 09 Mar 2015 14:44:30 -0400 Fitbie
Apple Watch

For what feels like forever now, we've been waiting with baited breath to hear all about the Apple Watch and its jazzy features. Now, Tim Cook has delivered. At today's live Apple Event, Apple's CEO revealed all of the features the highly anticipated watch delivers, including the device's fitness features. Available for pre-order April 10, the Apple Watch Sport starts at $349, whereas the trendier, more fashion-forward models range from $549 to $1099. 

Miss out on the big keynote? Here are the highlights of the Apple Watch for the fitness fiend:

Track your activity: Apple Watch is designed to make activity tracking easier. Users are prompted to set a realistic move goal for weekly activity. The watch, just like your favorite hunky personal trainer, will provide you with check-ins to be more active if you aren't on track to meet your goals. Plus, just like other popular tracking devices like Fitbit and Jawbone, you can keep track of your daily steps, keeping a step goal, and monitoring your sleep schedule.

Real-time stats: Going out on a run? Get time, distance, calories, pace, all on your wrist. Not much of a runner? No worried. You can track your progress on a bike or doing nearly any other activity, such as using an elliptical at the gym or even strength training. 

Set goals: The watch enables you to set goals, then meet or beat your last or best workout -- while provides updates along the way. You get a detailed summary of what you’ve achieved, and your workout counts toward your Activity app measurements for the day.

Celebrate together: Okay, so this is a little Her, we admit. However, when you reach your personal bests or hit milestones, Apple Watch will be quick to help you party. You’ll get a special badge for each achievement, which is then stored in the Fitness app. The goal? To provide encouragement to keep going and keep improving.

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: New Balance Printed Racerback Long Bra Top Blog entry Sat, 07 Mar 2015 11:00:32 -0400 Fitbie
New Balance tank top

There's something about a solid workout top that gives us goosebumps. Maybe we're lame, but with the right fit, the right breathability, the right top can make you feel invincible -- a feeling that can permeate into your workout. Getting that top for a steal of a deal? Hello, no-brainer. Enter this week's #SaturdaySaver, the New Balance Printed Racerback Long Bra Top.

This sleeveless tank shows the upper body you've worked hard for and is super cute, too, with a flattering v-neckline and vibrant colors. A built-in shelf bra offers added support during movement, and its flat seams promise a chafe-free fit.

Was: $40
Now: $13.47

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Kelly Clarkson Slams Fat-Shaming Comic in Awesome Way Blog entry Fri, 06 Mar 2015 15:28:28 -0400 Fitbie
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, you've got one helluva attitude. The American Idol alum, who's best know for power ballads like "Since You've Been Gone" and "Mr. Know It All," is showing she's got some serious class. In an interview with Heat Magazine, the new mother was asked to address comments criticizing her weight made by Katie Hopkins, so-called "Most Hated Woman in Britain." What comments, you ask?

Apparently, the angsty Twitter rant occurred after Hopkins caught Clarkson on the UK's Graham Norton Show, where she found her less than appealing.

Kelly's reaction to the whole thing? Cooler than a cucumber. "She tweeted something nasty about me?" Clarkson responded. "That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will. I've never cared what people think. It's more if I'm happy and I'm confident and feeling good; that's always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family - I don't seek out any other acceptance."

You tell 'em, Miss Independent. 

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Emily Abbate
The Spinning Playlist That'll Amp Up Your Motivation (LISTEN) Blog entry Mon, 16 Mar 2015 16:51:03 -0400 Fitbie

Every week Fitbie features rad playlists from rad fitness instructors. This week Jason Tran, instructor and director of recruiting at SWERVE, shares his with us. 

"Music is a key motivator in any workout and can dramatically change the mood and energy in a room," says Tran. "Like the movies, it's the soundtrack for the hour and it has to be motivating, inspiring, and has to make an emotional connection. At SWERVE, we ride to the beat of the music. When making a playlist, I imagine a topographic map of a ride and strategically arrange tracks so the RPM's and resistance match. 'The music is our road' was said by one of my favorite instructors years ago and I always remember that when curating my playlists."

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Reebok ZPump Fusion Blog entry Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:27:38 -0400 Fitbie
Reebok Zpump

Twenty-five years ago, Reebok introduced The Pump in its sneakers. On March 10, they're innovating the classic technology with their new ZPump Fusion sneakers. Containing an air-filled cage that pumps up and molds to any runners foot for a locked-in custom fit, the shoe is unlike anything else on the market. That means that the wearer can inflate their shoe to their liking, providing for max comfort. 

More from Fitbie: The Ultimate Beginner Sneaker Guide

But that's not the only interesting spec. The sneaker also features a fusion sleeve, making the shoe feel super sleek and comfortable surrounding the foot. If that's not enough, the Zrated outsole, inspired by high-performance ZRated tires, offers ultimate control in and out of turns. 

Our take? The shoe is comfortable, and sits flesh to the foot when pumped up. Does the ZRated outsole provide the ultimate cushy ride? Let's put it this way: These aren't Hoka One Ones. However, we'd definitely suggest them to someone looking to log a few miles, or better yet, tackle on a HIIT class with running. 

What else we love: 

• Available in three colors
• Reasonable price point

The Details: Reebok ZPump Fusion, $110, available for preorder on

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Ronda Rousey Admits She Gained Weight for 'Sports Illustrated' (VIDEO) Blog entry Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:25:26 -0400 Fitbie
Ronda Rousey

UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey isn't typically seen as a girly girl, but that didn't stop her from channeling her femininity for her first-ever spread in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The magazine released a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot this week, revealing the 28-year-old's real thoughts about posing for the ever-popular edition.

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"I really do believe that there shouldn't just be one cookie-cutter body type that everyone is aspiring to be," Rousey told the mag, confessing that she also was nervous to strip down in front of so many strangers.

The California native recently told USA Today that she purposely tried to get a little bit heavier for the SI shoot. Her goal? To be a little bit curvier and not in top fighting shape. (Rousey fights at 135 pounds.) At her "heavier weight," the fighter confessed that she feels most attractive. 

"Strong and healthy is the new sexy," Rousey told Sports Illustrated. "The standard of women's bodies is going into a realistic and socially healthy direction."

You go, girl. Looking for some more stay-confident inspiration? Check out these fitspiration quotes that'll help you put your best fitness foot forward.

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Emily Abbate
What You Need to Know About Sports Supplements Blog entry Tue, 03 Mar 2015 16:20:36 -0400 Fitbie

Sports supplements have been involved in their fair share of drama over the years due to recalls, doping allegations among athletes, and the dangerous effects of some ingredients. But the reality is that there are many safe supplements on the market with natural ingredients that can help you train and recover faster -- without compromising your health.

According to a new study, nitrate supplements may improve the efficiency at which muscles use oxygen, thereby increasing endurance and providing a host of other performance and health benefits.

“The supplement improved the oxygenation of some tissues to allow a person to maximize their workout to a new level (go longer, further, or faster),” said Dr. Mark Moyad, author of The Supplement Handbook. “In this case, as the demands of the body increase during exercise or as we age, taking a certain dosage of nitrate or something that increases nitric oxide might allow one to get a better exercise performance.”

More from Fitbie: 7 Doctor-Approved Ways to Avoid Bogus Supplements

Indeed, said Moyad, there are a variety of supplements on the market that can improve exercise performance (think nitrate or citrulline) or improve muscle strength and size (protein powder). But with all the bad press out there -- and all the supplement types to choose from -- it can be overwhelming if you’re looking to find a supplement that’s both safe and effective. Here is Moyad’s cheat sheet:

Read carefully: Scan a product’s ingredient list for the right nutrients. If you’re looking for a protein powder, for example, the primary ingredient should be protein. Other additions can serve to increase toxicity or cost, he said. On a similar note, now is when you should examine labels for undesirable characteristics -- is the product vegetarian? High in sugar? Gluten-free? These answers will be easy to find on reputable labels.

Do some recon: See if your trainer (or even your doctor) is involved with a company before taking their advice on supplement brands. “There is so much conflict of interest today,” said Moyad. “Ask directly if the person recommending or selling the product benefits from the sale of that product.”

Review the research: Don’t be afraid to ask for quality control test results from a supplement brand. Responsible companies will have nothing to hide.

Spot certifications: Scan labels for an NSF certification or other third party verification for safety.

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Fitbie Find: Simply 7 Quinoa Chips Blog entry Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:29:22 -0400 Fitbie
quinoa chips

Sometimes there's just nothing that can replace the satisfaction that a good chip provides. The problem? Popular potato chips are loaded with saturated fat and calories, meaning they're not exactly a great choice in a healthy diet. The fix? This week's #FitbieFind from Simply 7, Quinoa Chips. Complete with at least 8 grams of protein per serving, these crisps are designed to deliver all of the flavor and nutrients of the ancient super grain. Plus, they're gluten-free certified. Two birds, one stone.

What else we love:
• Available in four flavors: sea salt, barbecue, cheddar, sour cream and chive
• Non-GMO project verified
• No trans fat
• Vegetarian/vegan

The Details: Simply 7 Quinoa Chips, $3.19, various supermarkets

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