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stand up paddleboarding

I love staying active on vacation, but hitting the hotel gym isn’t for me. I’d much rather burn calories while exploring new places. That’s why standup paddleboarding (SUP) called my name on my latest getaway -- I could admire the beautiful coastline of the British Virgin Islands while getting a full body workout. Win-win!

The Gist: SUP is exactly what it sounds like: You stand up on a large, very buoyant board similar in shape to a surfboard, and you move through the water using a single-blade paddle. This fun fitness endeavor not only strengthens your entire body -- challenging the muscles of your feet, your arms, and everything in between -- but it also helps to improve balance and give you a killer core.

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The Experience: I’m not the most coordinated person, so I was most nervous about standing up -- and staying there. But our instructor, Collin Osborne, the water sports manager at Peter Island Resort & Spa, reassured me that he’s taught close to a thousand people with just five minutes of preparation.

First, we brought our boards into the water and slowly got on in a kneeling position. I learned there is no graceful way to do this, which is why Osborne calls it “walrussing” on -- cute. We then practiced paddling while kneeling on the board. The proper form is to have your hands elbow-width apart and keep your thumbs up for a proper grip on the paddle. 

As we became more and more comfortable with our stroke, the next step was actually standing up. I got up as slowly as possible to avoid falling off my board (thank goodness for that safety leash!), since I found it easier to keep my balance that way. To make the transition to standing, I went from my knees to crouching on my board one foot at a time, bringing my feet to slightly more than shoulder width apart, staying at the center of the board. Standing up was initially a bit scary -- the first few seconds were very wobbly, and despite the fact that my board was 33 inches wide, it felt like a balance beam -- but I eventually got the hang of it. Phew!

My Take: Once I was standing up I realized how much of a workout SUP really is. Staying steady requires using your entire body. “SUP offers a great core-based exercise without really having to think about it,” Osborne says. “Paddling done correctly works your whole body, but as I always point out there is no right way to paddle -- just better, more efficient strokes. You really notice the core requirements when you try and move around on the board and all the little muscles keep you balanced.” And stroking that paddle means your arms get a workout, too. 

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After a few minutes I was paddling around and loving it, and figured that if a klutz like me can stay steady, pretty much everyone can. 

Whenever I felt wobbly, Osborne reminded me to look at the horizon instead of looking down because having a focal point keeps your posture in alignment, which translates to balancing on the board. And it worked: Watching the reefs as I glided by kept me steady and made me forget that I was even exercising. 

—Written by Celia Shatzman, Fitbie contributor

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Fitbie Find: Nike Pro Bra Collection Blog entry Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:13:29 -0400 Fitbie

How often to you absolutely dread pulling that sports bra over your head before a workout? Just like no two women are the same, no two bras are the same -- making it forever complicated for any lady to find the perfect sports bra fit that's not only comfortable, but supportive. Soon after science pointed out that breast pain during physical activity prevents women from giving it their all, Nike stepped in with hopes to give them the solution they've been looking for. Enter today's #FitbieFind, the Nike Pro Bra Collection.

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After two years of testing, Nike's recently released their Pro Bra Collection, featuring five different models designed for different levels of support. Arguably the centerpiece of the collection, the Nike Pro Rival Bra, offers the highest level of support and comes in 25 sizes (yes, you read that right) ranging from 30B to 38E.

Let's go through a quick rundown of the complete collection, shall we?

Nike Pro Rival Bra 
$65, available in sizes 30B to 38E
Support: High

Nike Pro Fierce Bra
$50, available in XS through XL
Support: Medium-to-high

Nike Pro Classic Bra
$35, available in XS through XL
Support: Medium

Nike Pro Classic Bra with padding
$35, available in XS through XL
Support: Medium

Nike Pro Indy Bra
$45, available in XS through XL
Support: Light, with removable padding

What else we love:

• The 360 Fit System, Nike's customized calculator which helps women determine their exact fit 
• Loads of different color ways and patterns for every taste
• Made with Dri-Fit lining that helps wick sweat

The details: Nike Pro Bra Collection, $35 to $65,

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Emily Abbate
Soda Drinkers Oblivious To Calorie Count Blog entry Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:01:34 -0400 Fitbie

If scooping up a handful of chips here, a few scattered fries there, and maybe some kettle corn while binge-watching House of Cards sounds familiar, then it sounds like you're a mindless eater. But, what about mindless drinking? A survey of almost 4,000 people showed how grossly one can underestimate calories in popular drinks including soda, fruit drinks, energy and sports drinks, and other sugar-sweetened sips. 

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According to the survey, “[Roughly] 31 percent of those polled had consumed at least one sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) within the past week even though 84.4 percent were aware that it could cause weight gain.” When asked to estimate the amount of calories in a 24 oz soda, 19 percent underestimated, 17 percent overestimated, and 45 percent could not even guess the amount! For the record: The right answer is 252 calories. Seems like a lot to take in with no chewing involved, if you ask us. 
Fan of the sweet stuff? Not to fret: It's easy to feel just as refreshed without consuming all the extra calories. We caught up with Laura Cipullo, RD, DCE, and blogger over at Mom Dishes It Out, for her low and no-calorie alternatives to that sugary soda: 
1. Flavored Seltzer
Very refreshing with a hint of flavor, but zero calories. But there's a word to the wise “Not all seltzers are made alike," Cipullo cautions. "You should read the label to be sure it’s truly calorie-free and contains no artificial sugar.”
2. DIY Flavored Water
You can create your own water flavors in pitcher-size for a group or in a single serving bottle just for you. (Take a look at these 12 ways to make water less boring).
3. Water with Frozen Herbs
That’s right -- adding frozen herbs to your water is a new trend that Cipullo is seeing, and loving. “We all go to the store, and are forced to buy the container with a lot more herbs then we can usually use before they lose their freshness," she says. "Simply use what you need, and store the rest in the freezer, until you’re looking for something to add to plain water. As the herb melts into your water, you have a whole new flavor pouring in.” 
4. Coconut Water With Caffeine
A lot of people blame the need for caffeine as a reason to drink soda. To you we say, we have found your happy place in the form of coconut water infused with caffeine! Brands like Vita Coco and Zola both offer espresso-flavored beverages that are low on the calorie spectrum and boast that added oomph you need to get through the day. 

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Allie Burdick
Ignoring Someone's Weight Issues Won't Help Them to Better Health Blog entry Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:37:26 -0400 Fitbie

Losing weight isn't something that happens overnight. Ask anyone who has committed to a healthier lifestyle: It takes perseverance and determination to shed pounds in a way that you can keep 'em off for good. Which is exactly why our hearts continually break for Rob Kardashian. The reality star has had a rough time persevering over the past year and change, trying to lose the 70+ pounds he gained after his breakup with singer Rita Ora. Rumors that Kardashian went to fat camp swirled back in March, and ever since the youngest Kardashian has avoiding the public eye. 

In a recent upside of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, viewers witnessed Kim expressing her feelings on Rob's battle with his weight. "We've all been here to offer him help and he won't take it, so I don't have sympathy," Kim said. 

She went on to tell the cameras, "I think I'm just more of the tough love kind of person." As opposed to Khloe's heartfelt feelings toward her brother, "My personality is like, 'All right, you complain, you don't like it, get up and do something about it.'"

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"When someone has an issue -- whether it's an addiction, a weight problem, or some other behavioral problem that impacts family members -- the bottom line is that unless that person takes responsibility for their own issue, the family's complaints probably won't do much," says New York-based psychologist Dr. Vivian Diller

According to Diller, there are certain things family members should be doing when a loved one is struggling with a problem that's hurting their health, similar to Kardashian's. Among them, take time to self-reflect -- perhaps see a professional -- to better understand how an issue is proceeding without change. Also, she suggests reading up on the issue, and avoiding getting angry at a person when often times, they feel like they've lost all control. 

Can you relate to Rob's struggle? Have you ever felt like there was just no way to drop the pounds? Who or what helped you? Email us at and tell us your story, or post it on Fitbie's Facebook page. We'll feature reader stories in future posts so your struggle can help someone else on their journey!

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Emily Abbate
Move More & You'll Feel Instantly Better About Your Looks, Study Says Blog entry Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:51:05 -0400 Fitbie
Woman looking in mirror lifting weights

Want to feel extra confident rocking that crop top? Just 30 minutes of fitness a day can do the trick -- mentally, that is. New research found that Americans who spent at least a half hour sweating it out daily felt better about their physical appearance than those who laced up their sneaks only once a week. Yup that's right: workout and you'll feel better about your looks

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Hitting the gym, striding it out, or taking Fido for a stroll lends to numerous health benefits (lower weight, improved mood, you know the drill) so it's not too surprising that frequent exercisers feel better looks-wise. But better yet, the study also linked that those sporting more self-confidence courtesy of their toned bods were more apt to continuing their workout regimen to maintain their sleek physique. Cha-ching, win-win.

Too busy for the 30 minutes a day schpeel? We've got you covered, thanks to Barry's Bootcamp master trainer Noah Neiman (hottie alert!). 

"When [exercise is] a priority, and it must be because your health is at stake, you make it work," says Neiman. "Take the stairs instead of elevator, walk instead of taking your car or cab. [In extreme instances] you forgo that Orange is the New Black marathon so you can do a HIIT full body circuit. When you make it a necessity to get it done, you'd be surprised how time has a way of freeing itself up."

And don't be afraid to sprinkle a few exercises into your day to get the job done. "If you have a spare minute, forget the social ramifications of getting down in push-up or squat position at work. Bang out 10 to 20 reps of lunges, squats, push-ups whatever you fancy. You'd be surprised how much you can do throughout the day," he admits. 

Want proof? After injuring a hamstring recently, Neiman made it his mission to squeeze in a few bodyweight moves throughout the day, despite a limited range of motion. Every chance he got, he did 20 to 25 push-ups, and by the end of day, he had done hundreds

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45 Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Doesn't Shower After Working Out Blog entry Tue, 22 Jul 2014 17:10:41 -0400 Fitbie
Woman smelling armpit

1. Thank goodness that's over, shower time. 
2. If I hang this tank top to dry over the door frame I can probably wear it again before washing it. 
3. [Goes to other room to grab something, comes back, looks in mirror.]
4. I'm not nearly as sweaty as I thought I would be from that. 
5. Let's see how this hair looks out of this messy lop-sided bun.
6. Whoever invented dry shampoo was probably A. Slightly dirty and B. A total genius
7. If I take off my sweaty clothes I'll feel nowhere near as gross. 

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8. Why is dry shampoo so much cheaper than my real shampoo?
9. Where's my blow dryer?
10. Maybe if I just wash my body and keep my hair as far away from the shower head as possible ... 
11. If I skip my shower I'll have so much more time for activities.
12. I wish I could just not get dressed, sit here naked, and watch Sex and the City reruns all day. 
13. What does sweat REALLY smell like?
14. Ugh. Gag. Smelly gym goers. 

15. ... I should just jump in the shower real quick.
16. Like, how could you NOT notice you reek?
17. I really don't feel like getting my hair wet.
18. Fishtail braid? No. 
20. Okay. No shower. Committing. 
21. So many people do this. So many people do this. 
22. Ponytail? Too greasy. 
23. If I opt for a dress I'll have more airflow to air out my pits.
24. Men have it so damn easy. 
25. Do I smell?
26. And theeeeeeere's that delayed muscle soreness
27. Sock bun? Heck yes. 
28. I very well may regret this later at the office. But let's be real, I regret a lot of things at the office. 

29. Perfume. Need perfume.
30. What will I do with this extra time? 
31. How long could I really go without showering?
32. How long has Al Roker been on the Today show?
33. I wonder if my boss showers after her workout. 
34. Did I change my underwear? 
35. How in the world does anyone actually like using gel deodorant?
36. If I stay away from light colors I won't have to worry about sweat stains.
37. Could I actually wear my hair DOWN!?
38. Okay. Drastic. Get it together woman. 

39. Where's the baby powder?
40. Why do I ever take the time to do my hair if I can just put it in this gauze-like contraption?
41. How has no one come up with some sort of wipe that stops all sweat like ... three years ago?
42. Concealer is a magical redness-hiding thing and I am its master. 
43. I wonder if those oil-blotting pads actually work. 
44. I'd workout way more often if getting ready after was always this easy.
45. I feel like a whole new person.

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: Vega Protein Smoothie Blog entry Tue, 22 Jul 2014 16:49:26 -0400 Fitbie
vega protein smoothie

Most mornings you'll find me experimenting with healthy smoothie recipes in our office kitchen. Sometimes my breakfast is green, sometimes it's purple, and sometimes it looks like mud (spinach + strawberries = delicious sludge), but it always contains some type of protein powder -- and nut butter, duh -- to keep me full. Specifically, I lean toward vegetarian options like brown rice, pea, and hemp proteins, because though I'm not a vegetarian, I lean away from animal products when I can. So when I spotted Vega Protein Smoothie packets at my go-to grocery store last month, I had to give this #fitbiefind a go. 

The verdict: Count me as a Vega fan. The dreamy Choc-A-Lot and Viva Vanilla flavors have been hitting the spot on sweaty summer mornings. A combination of brown rice, pea, sacha inchi (a Peruvian seed), and hemp proteins, the plant-based powders can be added to smoothies (à la me), or simply mixed with milk, your favorite milk alternative, or even water. They're slightly sweet thanks to stevia leaf extract, and they add a creamy, milkshake-like quality to smoothies, and taste like chocolate (or vanilla) milk when simply mixed with your liquid of choice. Um, yum!

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The even-better part: They come in single-serving packets, making it super easy to toss them in your work or gym bag for a healthy meal or snack on-the-go. Oh and did I mention that they contain the equivalent of 2 servings of vegetables?!

What else we love:

•​ Also available in fruity flavors Tropical Tango and Bodacious Berry

•​ 15 grams of complete protein

• Non-GMO ingredients

Only 90 calories per serving

The details: Vega Protein Smoothie, $2-$3 per packet and $16-$20 per 9.3 oz pouch,

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Cathryne Keller
That's Awkward: Sit-Up Pain Blog entry Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:00:08 -0400 Fitbie
woman doing crunches

Q: "When I do sit-ups in high volume, I tend to get this uncomfortable chafing feeling where my back meets my butt (for lack of a better description) that makes them feel impossible after a few rounds. Am I doing something wrong?" -- Anonymous

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A: "You get that 'rash' when you let you back arch as you start your sit-up," says Ben Sweeney, coach at Brick New York. "In order to prevent this from happening you have to keep your core active the entire time. For example, keep your stomach tight in order to prevent your low back from arching as you start your sit-up. Keep your low back pressed to the floor to avoid the chafe while you learn to do this in high volume. You can use an abmat, or cover your abmat with a yoga mat to have less friction and less movement." 

Have an embarrassing question you want answered? Post it to Twitter, tag us, and hashtag #FitbieAwkie. A little too shy to post it on the web? Email We'll get the answers you need, and promise not to embarrass you in the process.

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Emily Abbate
How to Find the Best Weight for You Blog entry Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:11:30 -0400 Fitbie
Cheryl Burke

For most of us, having a dancer's body would be better than hot fudge on a calorie-free sundae. But not so for Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke, who stood up to her critics -- yet again! -- to defend her curves despite her recent 25-pound weight loss

Telling Access Hollywood in a recent interview that despite being smaller, she's had "no plastic surgery" and is simply eating healthier and exercising more. 

"When you change your lifestyle, your body changes," said Burke. "I'm completely healthy. My curves are never going to go away. Have I lost weight? Absolutely. But not in an unhealthy way. I want everyone to know that. I love my fans. But words are hurtful, especially coming from people you think always have your back."

These comments come after mass criticism of a bikini selfie she posted via Instagram while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas earlier this month.

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With this level of unwarranted criticism out there, it's hard for we mere mortals to know what a healthy body should look like. So we talked to Alison Massey, a registered dietitian at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore to help you find your best weight zone.

Is Body Mass Index the best indicator of what a woman should weigh? BMI is a screening tool (check out Fitbie's free BMI calculator!) but it shouldn't be used to determine fatness. It's not always the best way to know if you're at a healthy weight, especially for women who are athletes.

Why is that? Muscle weighs more than fat. Athletes may be better off looking at their percentage of body fat rather than the number on the scale.

So if a woman is muscular and heavier than what the chart says she should be, is there a way to know if she's way off the mark? Yes. Waist circumference is a tool that lets people know if they are at higher risk for developing obesity-related conditions. A woman should have a waist circumference less than 35 inches.

Is there a point where accepting the fact that someone may be overweight -- which is arguable good for self esteem -- is not good for health? A good body image is certainly very important, but taking care of our bodies is equally so. Nourishing your body with good food and exercising regularly are important for overall health and can boost body confidence simply because you're taking better care of yourself. If a woman has a waist circumference of more than 35 inches, they need to realize they may be at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. 

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Could a Fit Friend Be Your Solution for a Healthier Lifestyle? Blog entry Tue, 22 Jul 2014 14:17:32 -0400 Fitbie
Nikki Reed Ian Somerhalder

Couples who run together stay together, isn't that how the saying goes? Either way, rumors began buzzing Saturday when recently divorced Twilight star Nikki Reed went jogging in Los Angeles with Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, also recently single after splitting from longtime girlfriend Nina Dobrev. Reed and Somerhalder working out together?! Are they offish? The suspense is killing us! (Sarcasm, noted.) 

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All joking aside, Reed is no stranger to having fitness buddies. In fact, just a few months ago, she was spotted leaving the gym with Julianne Hough. While there's no word yet on whether Reed and Somerhalder's seemingly budding romance is "official," we can tell you this: Having an exercise partner (romantic or not) can seriously boost your workout. In fact, a university study cited in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology revealed that those who recruited three friends or family members to assist them in their quest to lose weight had better weight loss results than those who had no buddy system to fall back on.

"I've found that in general, the social aspect of working out can really push a person beyond their individual capabilities," explains Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., sports medicine physician and author of The Exercise Cure and The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies. "Depending on the person, it can add elements of competition, moral support, accountability, and encouragement." 

More from Fitbie: Should You Run Solo or In a Group?

"When you're on your own, it's easy to give in to challenges or give up when things get difficult but that other person adds a level of accountability," explains Dr. Metzl. "It also means that you're more likely to get out and get going if you know that someone else is relying on you -- you're responsible for their healthy behavior too!" 

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Jacqueline Parisi
The Secret to Wearing Your Gym Clothes All Day Long Blog entry Mon, 21 Jul 2014 15:58:46 -0400 Fitbie
Workout wear

Gym-to-street, to-and-from, all-day activewear. Call it what you want, but transitional workout wear is plaguing store shelves everywhere. I'd ask you if you've heard of it, but well, I know you have. You name a company -- Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Fabletics, the lists goes on --  and they're working on producing items that not only are functional for a woman's workout, but go beyond that. Think of them as cuter items that are meant to take the wearer from that first child's pose in yoga through savasana, and then to that mid-afternoon coffee date, errands, the whole nine yards.

The concept itself is great. I mean, what woman doesn't want to look cute working out? Science even backs the notion that looking good guarantees a better workout. According to a 2012 study, clothes systematically influence wearers' psychological processes, which means -- if you're happy with what you're wearing, you're more likely to be happy ... period

More from Fitbie: 7 Super-Flattering Summer Exercise Bottoms 

But are all of these cuter items really functional? Are there really items that you won't feel silly wearing to your workout through an afternoon of errands (and if you, ahem, run into that hunk from down the street)? Well, I was determined to find out. 

The outfits: When looking for the right pieces, the goal was to find items that were cute with added touches you wouldn't find in classic fitness wear. Sheer paneling, high necks, crop tops, looser, more fashionable fits. I enlisted the help of a good friend and personal trainer friend of mine, Alyssa Mucci, so we could try out a few different styles. 

To and From gym-to-street wear

On me, left
Top: Under Armour Long & Lean Tank, $34.99, 
Sports Bra: Fabletics Sevan Sports Bra, Regularly $19.95, $15.95 for VIPS,
Bottoms: Fabletics Gaviota Capri, Regularly $39.95, $31.95 for VIPS,
Sunglasses: Oakley Tone It Up Signature Series Daisy Chain sunglasses, $170, 
Bag: Athleta Warm Up Gym Bag, $51.99,

On Alyssa, right
Top: Nike Signal Graphic top, $30,
Sports bra: Reebok Dance Iradecent Bra, $35,
Bottom: Under Armour Street Sleek Harem Pant, $89.99,
Sneakers: Under Armour Speedrom StudioLux, $79.99,
Sunglasses: Oakley Frogskins, $130,
Bag: Lululemon All Day Asana Tote, $78,

The activities: Yoga, followed by coffee, followed by errands including grocery shopping and good 'ol retail therapy

The verdict: You can wear the same clothes all day if you're willing to do the maintenance. Just because your threads are cuter doesn't mean you'll sweat less, so it's important to tote around the necessities to keep your workout clothes fresh from point A to point B. In my gym bag? Sephora's express cleansing wipes ($7,, a small sweat towel, and my go-to pressed powder to rid my face of shine after a quick wash. Slightly embarrassing confession No. 1: I most definitely used a hairdryer to dry the sweat from my lower back in the gym locker room after yoga. While hey, I didn't expect much less considering I opted for a neon top, an easier way to avoid this would be choosing darker colors. 

Confession No. 2: I'd be nervous to do more intense activities in some of these items. But that's the thing: They're not made with high intensity activity in mind. Whereas a crop top is perfect for tree pose and a few spins on the Pilates reformer, it's not meant for a CrossFit circuit complete with burpees, wall balls, and double-unders. Similarly, while pants with sheer paneling are fun and flirty in concept, I'd wonder how they'd hold up during a long run. Like I said, it's nothing speaking to the item's quality, it's more about finding the right purpose for the right items. 

Take a look at 10 of our favorite gym-to-street options, and try out the trend yourself.

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: New Balance Printed Sports Bra Blog entry Fri, 18 Jul 2014 11:33:27 -0400 Fitbie
Saturday Saver

There's nothing like a good sports bra to get a lady ready to tackle her workout. The right amount of support can make all the difference between crushing a 45-minute cardio session and wanting to crawl back into bed. That's why we're huge fans of this week's #SaturdaySaver from New Balance.

This printed sports bra has the perfect amount of low-impact support to keep you comfortable and moving with confidence from the yoga mat to the elliptical. Not to mention, the fun design doesn't hurt either. 

Was: $24
Now on sale for: $9.97

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Emily Abbate
Jen Selter: You Love Her Butt, Should You Listen to Her Fit Advice? Blog entry Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:56:21 -0400 Fitbie
Jen Selter

-- Originally written by Jen Sinkler for Men's Health.

A "belfie" is a selfie snapped of your butt. It can be difficult to contort yourself into a position to capture such a shot, so luckily, it still counts if someone else takes it for you. 

Many of us weren't familiar with the term before Jen Selter, but a shade under 4 million Instagram followers later, the 20-year-old New York City resident is doing her damnedest to make sure everyone becomes familiar with it.

At 5-foot-6 and 112 pounds, she is a slight woman with a startlingly sizeable caboose, one who has built a fervent following of women who want to be her and men who want to be with her.

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She has her detractors, too, of course. They are equally fervent, accusing her of having had ass implants, criticizing the rest of her body, and requesting she perform sexual acts for them.

Reading the multitude of comments -- which appear mere seconds after she posts a photo -- can be a soul-sucking experience. 

This is what it looks like to build a brand on booty. Maybe. 

Or, maybe this is just it looks like when you have 4 million followers. There are bound to be haters in there somewhere. 

Morphing Into an Expert
According to Selter, in 2012, she had a job at the front desk of a gym, and the environment rubbed off on her. "I would take inspiration from the dedicated people who would come in every day, rain or shine," Selter told me. "I saw the changes in their bod[ies] and was determined to make changes in mine." She began working out, too. Her butt ballooned and muscular definition appeared, so she decided to share her results on Instagram. About a year into her efforts, her following began to swell rapidly, as well. 

The press got excited about her burgeoning butt, too, with Selter making appearances in The New York Post and New York Magazine, and then Huffington Post, Elle, Vanity Fair and People magazine, to name a few. Yet, even in well-known publications, misprints of her name continue, with "Shelter" to "Setler" cropping up most often, further driving home the point that the emphasis remains squarely on her behind. 

More from Men's Health: The Weird Reason You Aren't Getting Stronger 

Typos aside, sponsorship and endorsement deals from clothing and nutrition companies poured in, and Selter quit her day job when she reached 500,000 followers. She continued to post belfies, and came up with the hashtag "#seltering" to describe a way of posing that best showcases the glutes. 

From there, a curious phenomenon occurred, one made possible on such a large scale only because of social media -- the assumption that because Selter looks fit, she is a fitness expert. 

To date, however, Selter doesn't have a fitness certification to her name, and she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to garner a more formal education. "I get fitness tips from personal trainers and friends in the fitness field, but I like doing my own thing," she says. 

Just recently, the New York Post gave her a fitness column called "Kicking Butt," in which she freely dispenses workout motivation, exercise ideas, and often-outdated advice. 

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Case in point: In her June column, Selter writes that it's "super-important that when you lower down, your knees never go past your shoes" during squats. This myth seems to be a holdover from '80s aerobics instructors and personal trainers. The reality is that when you adhere to this coaching cue, rather than sharing the load between the body's joints, undue stress is sent up the bodily chain to the hips and low back, "inappropriately increasing the force" in that area by over 1,000 percent, according to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Better advice would be to focus on keeping the entire surface of both feet flat on the floor, to initiate the movement with a "hips back" cue, and to make sure the knees track in line with the feet.  

Though it is a common fear, such pronouncements as Selter's "muscle gets soft if you just let it sit around" (this, too, appeared in her June column) are a biological impossibility, as muscle and fat cells are entirely different entities. Muscle cells may shrink, or the body may rid itself of them entirely, but they do not turn into fat. 

More from Men's Health: The Secret to Hollywood Abs 

Good intentions abound -- she isn't endangering people, by any means, only propagating myths that have been disproven. She is a fitness inspiration to many. She is not (yet) a fitness expert, however. She has never trained a client, aside from her mother.

And maybe she doesn't want to be an educator, though there is talk of book, TV, and fitness video projects in the pipeline. 

"I try to stay on top of the new fitness trends, diets, and research," Selter told me, mentioning that she's spent a lot of time poring over forums and social media sites. (Yet when I followed up -- twice -- to ask which sites, in particular, she trusted, there was no response.)

Selter has said that it is her life's mission to motivate and inspire people. Fitness role model is a title she embraces readily, and she is more likely to caption a photo along the lines of "Every sunset is followed by a sunrise and a new start" than with exercise instructions. And that's fine -- the will to get to the gym initially is where many of us fall down, so whatever sets people in motion is welcome. 

Still, more often than deep thoughts, captions consist of an emoji or two, or simply the Instagram handle of one of her sponsors. Her photo captions can feel, well, half-assed. She lets the photos of her body do most of the talking.

More from Men's Health: The Classic Exercise You've Been Doing All Wrong -- and How to Fix It

All this might just be evidence of the tyranny of low expectations. To this point, Selter has not been exalted for her brains, but rather for her beauty. (Actually, her booty.)

This much is clear: She is passionate about the topic of fitness, and it is the type of passion that fuels many great trainers. The potential is there to inspire great change in not only people's bodies, but their mindsets. 

I'm not a hater. I'm a hoper. And I hope what Selter reveals next is a growing passion for fitness education, so that she uses her massive momentum for maximum good.

Jen Sinkler, RKC-II, PCC, PM, is a longtime fitness writer, editor, and personal trainer based in Minneapolis. She writes about lifting weights and living well at

A New Reason to Love Yogurt (Aside From It Being Delicious) Blog entry Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:11:39 -0400 Fitbie
Yogurt Parfait

In recent years yogurt, especially Greek, has become a snacking staple. Add granola or fruit on top and you’ve got an easy, cool, high-protein summer snack that will leave you satiated for hours -- without overloading on calories. So it comes as no surprise that people who made yogurt a strong part of their diets in a recent study gained less weight over the years than people who didn't. That's right, eating yogurt can keep your waistline in check

Scientists followed over 8,500 men and women over the course of about six years. Participants logged their yogurt consumption every two years, indicating how often they indulge ranging from fewer than two times per week to over seven times per week. Researchers measured their average yearly weight change, and found that yogurt lovers -- those who had over seven servings per week -- had a lower incidence of weight gain and obesity than those who ate yogurt the least. This inverse association was even stronger among yogurt eaters who boosted their diet with fruit.

More from Fitbie: 4 Easy Home Improvements for a Slimmer Waistline

Since yogurt is a great source of probiotics, it tends to lead to better gut health, says Liz Weinandy, MPH, RD, LD, of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. "There is some really exciting research out there showing that people who have better gut flora or more beneficial bacteria in their guts tend to weigh less," she adds. "The way our gut flora affect our overall health is just starting to be discovered and it may be that it affects many different aspects of our health from our weight to our thought processes."

One great thing about yogurt is that it's versatile, so we love this recipe from The New Abs Diet Cookbook that puts a fun and festive spin on a traditional parfait (Bonus: It's high in fruit, too!):

Blackberry Parfait Martinis
(Makes 4 servings) 
Nutrition per serving: 210 calories, 7 g protein, 35 g carbohydrates, 6 g fat, 90 mg sodium, 3 g fiber

1/4 cup crushed cashews
2 cups low-fat vanilla yogurt
1 cup crushed graham crackers
1/2 cup diced strawberries or tropical fruit
2 cups blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries

Directions: 1. Coat a skillet with cooking spray, add the cashews, and stir over medium heat for 2 minutes.

2. Making thin layers, divide the yogurt, graham crackers, strawberries, and blackberries among 4 martini glasses, ending with yogurt. Top with large blackberries and the warm cashews.

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Stress Can Pack On 11 Pounds Per Year, Plus More Hot Health Headlines Blog entry Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:55:20 -0400 Fitbie
Burger and fries

You've probably experienced first-hand that a crappy day can lead to a crappy diet, but a new stress study found that the less-than-healthy choices you make when you're feeling down aren't the only reason your mood affects your weight. Researchers discovered that eating junk food when you're upset can actually lead to more weight gain than stuffing your face when you're happy. [NBC News


If you're a Jennifer Lawrence fan (or even if you're not), you know the girl is not one to conform to social conventions. So we can't say we were surprised this week when her trainer revealed that J. Law's Hunger Games workout was a little unorthodox. [Women's Health]


Have you heard about J. Crew's new size 000? Well if you're shocked by the teeny-tiny measurement, you're not alone. Famous foodie Rachael Ray sounded off this week on the "silly" new size from the popular preppy brand. [Fitbie]


It's no secret that, divine as they are, cupcakes and cookies are a sure path to spiking your blood sugar and expanding your waistline, but it turns out there are some sneakier sources of sugar that may be going undetected in your otherwise healthy diet. This week celeb nutrition pro JJ Virgin shared 3 unexpected sugar-spiking foods that may be showing up on your bathroom scale. [Rodale News


More from FitbieThe Best Sugar-Saving Supermarket Swaps


There's a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to the timing of your meals: Eat right after you wake up, skip breakfast to burn fat, be sure to eat every 3 hours, don't snack -- we've heard it all. The latest scientific findings on spacing out your eats? Load up on food before the afternoon and you'll lose more weight compared to chowing down at night. Sunday brunch, here we come! [


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Cathryne Keller
Fresh Pick: Peaches Blog entry Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:18:18 -0400 Fitbie

The taste and juicy mess of a ripe peach is tough to beat, and it's one of the true rewards of having the patience to eat only in-season fruits. The perfect summer peach has a one-of-a-kind flavor that combines fruity sweetness with a tiny bit of tartness to make for a mouth-watering summer treat. Peaches also pack vitamins A and C, as well as minerals like potassium and, of course, fiber -- like all fruits and veggies. And the fuzzy fruits are a versatile produce pick, too: They not only satisfy a sweet tooth, but they're also a great complement to savory salads and barbecue foods.

More from Fitbie: 10 Fresh Fruit Salads for Summer
In season: In most the U.S., peaches are in season from June through late August -- earlier in the south and later in the north. Since mealy peaches are the worst, I stick to frozen peaches in my smoothies the rest of the year.
How to pick it: Peaches can ripen a bit off the tree, so when you're at the farmers market or grocery store, look first for a nice golden yellow color that should be the backdrop to splotches of deeper red. Then pick up the fruit and make sure it gives just a bit when you squeeze it in your hand. The last step is to smell the fruit up near the stem and make sure it has a lovely, peachy aroma!
How to store it: As I mentioned, peaches will continue to ripen at room temperature after they're picked, so keep the firmer ones out on your counter in a fruit bowl for 3 to 4 days until they're ready to go -- but don’t stack them too tight or on top of each other, as they can bruise. Very ripe peaches can go in the fridge, but only leave them there for 3 to 5 days before you use them. 

If you have a bunch of ripe peaches that you won’t be able to eat right away, rinse them off and slice them (remove the skin, if you prefer) and coat them in a sprinkle of water with lemon juice to prevent browning, then toss them into a container for freezing.
How to use it: Always eat fresh peaches at room temperature so their juiciness and flavor is in full effect. To take advantage of summer peach season, I love diced fresh peaches on my morning oatmeal with some sliced almonds. For lunch, add some peach slices to a spinach, feta, and pistachio salad for the perfect hint of sweetness. At dinner, you can add some halved peaches to the grill alongside grilled fish or pork for a great sweet-and-savory meal. But, no surprise, dessert is where peaches really shine:

Peach-Berry Crumble, adapted from We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World
For the filling:
3-5 peaches sliced to 1/2 inch thick
1 cup berries, fresh or frozen (cherries, blueberries and blackberries are both delicious)
1/3 cup dried cherries
1 Tbsp lemon juice or orange juice
Pinch sugar
For the topping:
1 cup rolled oats
1⁄3 cup whole wheat, spelt or other wholegrain flour
1⁄3 cup mixed seeds and chopped nuts, such as sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, chopped pecans, or walnuts
2 Tbsp ground flaxseed
3 Tbsp brown sugar
3 tsp ground cinnamon
1/3-2/3 cup butter, melted

1. Lightly butter a baking dish. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
2. Mix peaches, berries, dried cherries, and juice in the baking dish and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar.
3. In a separate bowl, combine oats, flour, mixed seeds and nuts, flaxseed, brown sugar and cinnamon, then add the butter and stir.
4. Generously sprinkle the crumble topping on the fruit and set aside.                    
5. Bake for 35 minutes -- the topping should be starting to brown. Serve warm alone or with some freshly whipped cream or local ice cream.

Not sure what to do with your in-season produce? All summer long, our experts are bringing you the facts on the freshest fruits and veggies at your local supermarket.

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8 Naughty Celebrity Diet & Exercise Confessions Blog entry Thu, 17 Jul 2014 17:14:29 -0400 Fitbie
Jennifer Lawrence

They may have enviable bodies, but here's a little secret: Flawless diet and exercise standards aren't exactly how Hollywood's leading ladies stay in shape. That's right, big-name A-listers that we love like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have their moments just like the rest of us.

Take Jessica Alba, for example. Alba recently admitted that workouts bore her, telling The Stir that while she wants to work out and get her sweat on, it's just not that easy. "I have intentions to do it," she says. "I just never seem to make it a priority. I'm not crazy about working out in general. I think it's really boring."

Check out these 7 other A-listers who admit to being anything but perfect when it comes to their hectic lifestyle. 

More from Fitbie: Top Tips from Celebrity Trainers 

Christina Ricci
Sin: Loves Cheetos and McDonald's
Confession: "No, but I have to say my favorite forbidden food is Cheetos and any kind of McDonalds. I once ate McDonalds three times in one day."

Emma Stone
Sin: Hates running and strength training
Confession: "Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim. I had a trainer during Spider-Man and I discovered I have deep-seated rage when I'm holding heavy weights over my head. Whatever dormant anger I have in me, that's where it comes out."

Britney Spears
Snacks on chocolate
Confession: "Every once once in a while if I'm really hungry then a Snickers bar is good. And M&Ms are great, Hershey's Whoppers are great, and so are Raisinettes and Twixes.

More from Fitbie: 11 Celebrity Yoga Secrets 

Miranda Kerr
Eats fried chicken
Confession: "I do eat healthily and am careful with my diet but not all the time. There are times when you want that piece of fried chicken. That's my big weakness and there's nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation, that's the trick."

Reese Witherspoon
Despises going to the gym
Confession: "If I never had to see the inside of a gym again, I'd be a very happy person. Even the idea of it, I hate. There's people who love it and it's just their thing. I can do it, and I can do it for my job, because I'm really lucky to get this job and have a job, so I will do it. But it's not my first choice of morning activity."

Jennifer Lawrence
Refuses to diet
Confession: "I hate saying, 'I like exercising.' I want to punch people who say that in the face. But it's nice being in shape for a movie, because they basically do it all for you. It's like, 'Here's your trainer. This is what you can eat. I do exercise! But I don't diet. You can't work when you're hungry, you know?"

Sophia Vergara
Sin: Has her cake and eats it too
"I love it. Vanilla cake, angel food cake, chocolate cake. For me and my son, buying cake at the grocery store is like buying milk. We always have it in the house."

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Snack Happy With These 5 Alternatives to Potato Chips Blog entry Thu, 17 Jul 2014 14:13:11 -0400 Fitbie
Alternatives to Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love pairing a protein-packed sandwich with a handful of potato chips come lunchtime? The crunch factor and hint of salt simply hits the spot. (No wonder American spend over $7 billion a year on ‘em!) Lay's is taking the classic potato chip for a whole new spin, offering four new wild flavors starting July 28: Bacon Mac & Cheese, Wasabi Ginger, Cappuccino, and Wavy Mango Salsa. Not sold on 'em? Hey, with their out-of-the-box flavor combinations we can't blame you, especially when they wallop 160 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 170 mg of sodium per 15-chip serving size. 

More from Fitbie: The Worst Chips and Dips 

Looking for healthier swaps to satisfy your curious taste buds? We have good news: There are loads of options that are just as fun to try and may taste even better. So chomp on these, chip connoisseurs. Trading up nutrition-wise never looked so good.

1. Make Your Own. Scratch the sodium and fat-laden bagged stuff for homemade. No ingredient questioning there! Next time you get a case of the munchies, preheat your oven to 375°F and start slicing up a tater. (Want to get the biggest bang for your health buck? Make it a vitamin-rich sweet potato.) Lightly coat with cooking spray on a baking sheet for roughly 10 minutes or until lightly brown. Kick up the flavor by playing with seasoning, add in sprinkled rosemary or paprika. 

2. Craving Kale. Let's be honest, no one really eats only 15 chips. Gobble more sans guilt and get 50 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin A with “chips” made from leafy superfood kale. Finally, a fun way to get those greens! Our faves: Kale Krunch and this recipe for baked kale chips.

3. Get Crispy. No frying here, better-for-you products like Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps and LesserEvil Chia Crisps come in fun flavors (Southern barbecue? Yes, please) plus pack in protein, fiber and omega-3’s with less sodium than your go-to potato. Done and done. Another must-try: Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks .

4. Pop Sensation. Holy whole grains! Three cups of air-popped popcorn boasts only 100 calories with less saturated fat, carbohydrates, and two times the fiber of chips. Better yet, research has found that our movie theater partner-in-crime is loaded with more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies. Kicking major cancer and heart disease butt, one kernel at a time.

5. Sweeten the Pot. In the mood for more of a savory snack? Put your best fruit forward. Brands like Bare Snacks offer organic dried fruits with no additives, preservatives or sugar for about half the calorie count per serving than chips. Mangos, sea salt caramel apple chips, and coconut chips? Count us in. 

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Fitbie Find: Tory Burch for Fitbit Blog entry Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:16:11 -0400 Fitbie
Tory Burch for fitbit

Like many of my fit-minded friends, I'm a huge fan of wearables. Generally speaking, I'm constantly switching back between my Nike Fuelband SE and my Fitbit Flex, depending on my mood and admittedly -- what goes better with that day's outfit. Nothing against my solid black Flex, but when it comes to trying to dress things up, the rose gold on my FuelBand is on the more fashionable side.

More from Fitbie: Your Fitness tracker May Be Overestimating Your Calorie Burn By 23 Percent

Well, Fitbit wants that to change, ASAP. The company's taking a super fashionable leap with their classic wireless activity and sleep tracker by partnering with Tory Burch on a new collection that includes two patterned silicone wristbands, a brass bracelet, and -- game-changer -- a brass pendant necklace. Fit-friendly accessories that are gorgeous? Hello, today's #FitbieFind

Let's break 'em down, shall we?

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Fret Pendant ($175): This brass number uses Burch's signature open fretwork, suspended from a chain. We know what you're wondering: Does this necklace keep track of my steps just like the classic bracelet? According to James Park, CEO and co-founder of Fitbit, that answer is 100 percent yes. 

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet ($195): Made of brass with the same open fretwork, the hinged bracelet has an easy-access latch on the back to insert your tracker. 

Tory Burch for Fitbit Silicone Printed Bracelets ($28): Just like the classic flex band, these two designer additions offer fun prints for Burch and Fitbit fans alike. 

My favorite of 'em all? The pendant necklace. Like, love love love. Think it's super fun to pair with any simple maxi dress or shirt, especially in the summer time, for a jazzy look that can go from day to night. 

The details: Tory Burch for Fitbit, $38 to $195,; Fitbit tracker sold separately, $99.95,

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Emily Abbate
UFC Boxing Made Me Feel Like a Badass Blog entry Thu, 17 Jul 2014 17:01:23 -0400 Fitbie
working out at UFC gym

I've known martial arts classes were a sure path to getting in crazy-good shape for a couple of years now. My older brother's a jiu jitsu junkie and my boss practically lives at her dojo, so I've seen (and heard) first-hand that combat sports are an excellent way to sculpt lean muscles, squash stress, and have a blast in the process. So when I recently got invited to try the new TriggerPoint Boxing class at a UFC Gym  in NYC, I had to push my visions of bruised knuckles and mid-workout tears aside and say yes -- even if only for the sibling bragging rights.

The gist: UFC's TriggerPoint classes (which include both boxing and kickboxing) combine the killer fitness payoffs of a martial arts workout with the body-healing benefits of foam rolling. Specifically, the classes include both a pre-workout and post-workout foam rolling sesh using the new GRIDX foam roller from TriggerPoint

More from Fitbie: Foam Rolling 101 

The experience: We started the class with a 5-minute foam rolling warm-up in "the octagon" (the 8-sided ring where UFC battles go down), in which our instructor took us through a variety of exercises designed to loosen up our muscles in preparation for the butt kicking we were about to receive. I've foam rolled a few times in my day, but let me tell you: this foam roller EARNS the 'X' in its name (the textured portion of it is known as the "meat grinder," after all). We rolled out our calves, glutes, quads, and sides, and the moves were IN-TENSE -- but in a hurts-so-good way that made me feel ready to hit the bag for hours, or at least not pass out after my third right hook.

Next, we moved on to 45 minutes of shirt-drenching straight punches, hooks, and kicks on the bag, along with a final series of mat moves that made me want to call TKO on myself so I could quit. I'm talking mountain climbers, burpees (the literal WORST), pushups -- all the classic kill-me-now exercises that are known for whipping booties everywhere into serious shape. 

More from Fitbie: Your Guide to Burpees 

During the boxing bit, the instructor shouted out various punch-and-kick combos and we'd just go at it on the bag until our muscles gave out and/or we were told otherwise, and you know what? I didn't hate it. In fact, I got totally into it. Something about wrapping my wrists in (purple) cloth, strapping on stinky boxing gloves, and having to focus on executing the moves the trainer was calling out made me forget I was working out. And not in that way where you forget because it's not that hard -- I was sweat-soaked and completely exhausted the entire time, but I was also focused, determined, and, truthfully, feeling empowered.

The aforementioned killer strength training routine that followed the bag work was a different story: I dare you to find a single person who doesn't feel like they're working out when they're doing burpees. But still, I did it, and since the UFC Gym environment (the octagon, the boxing ring, the ripped trainers that randomly selected students for quick bouts of mitt work) made me feel like, well, an ultimate fighting champion, I hated those moves a little less than I normally do -- a win in my book. 

Finally, we headed back to the octagon to ease (torture) our tired muscles with a final foam rolling routine. The moves actually felt a little better after the workout, though, since our bodies were all warmed up (understatement) and needed a little TLC. I've experienced the body benefits of foam rolling in the past, but this class made me realize just how important it is to "roll out" before and after you work your muscles. The warm-up session loosened me up enough to handle the killer boxing sequences, and the cool-down made me ready to transition from wannabe-fighter Cathryne to desk-job Cathryne, and prevented me from feeling too sore. In fact, I was shocked the following day when the only reminder I had of my brief stint as a badass boxer was slight tenderness in my bis and tris.

My take: If you have a UFC Gym near you: DO IT. I don't care which chromosomes you were born with, you'll burn a ton of calories, tone every last one of your muscles, and leave feeling like you can do anything that day (other than get through another Trigger Point boxing class) -- check out UFC pro Ronda Rousey for further proof that you can fight your way to a ripped bod and a confident 'tude. Oh, and you'll also get to brag to your brother in Vancouver that you sweated it out with real UFC trainers and rolled around in the octagon for "work." 

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Eating More Earlier in the Day Can Boost Weight Loss, Study Says Blog entry Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:25:08 -0400 Fitbie
Big Breakfast

Daydream with us for a moment. Not about Ryan Gosling or the latest ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, but about food. Picture what the quantity of your meals look like in a given day. If breakfast, lunch and dinner were in pie chart form, what would be the biggest slice? If you're thinking it's dinner, you're not alone. However, if you're also dreaming about weight loss, you may want to shift the pieces of your pie.

A new study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that a low-calorie Mediterranean diet, with a higher amount of calories in the first part of the day, could establish a greater reduction in fat mass. During the trial period, two groups ate the same diet -- consisting of 55 percent carbs, 30 percent fat, and 15 percent both protein and fiber. The difference? The groups were distributed their meals differently throughout the day. Group one ate 70 percent of their calories in the earlier part of the day (breakfast and morning snack) while group two had only 55 percent at that time, and then ate the remaining 45 percent for afternoon snack and dinner. At the end of the research, group one had greater weight loss. 

More from Fitbie: 7 Late Night Snacks That Won't Pack on the Pounds 
So is it better to eat more of your calories earlier in the day? Jamie McDermott, RD, MS and corporate wellness consultant says not necessarily. What's more important, is moderation
"Three moderate sized meals plus 1 to 2 snacks is the best way lose weight for most people," says McDermoot. "In my professional experience, the mini meals [that many popular fad diets suggest] offer too many eating opportunities -- and often result in too many calories being consumed to allow for weight loss." 
With that in mind, we asked McDermott more about what types of foods dieters should stick to.
"A big part of the equation is drastically increasing non-starchy vegetables. Asparagus, baby corn, cucumber, eggplant and broccoli, will all provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories and tons of nutrition." According to McDermott, what's most important is choosing a realistic way of eating that you can maintain day-to-day. "That's what a 'diet' really is -- a lifestyle change."

Looking for more insight onto choosing the right foods for weight loss? Check out our list of 20 superfoods for weight loss

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Allie Burdick
That's Awkward: Out of Control 'Headlights' Blog entry Fri, 18 Jul 2014 10:33:38 -0400 Fitbie
Sports bra

Q: "Whether or not I'm freezing, I'm always 'cold' when I'm working out. How can I keep my girly bits from making a guest appearance at the gym?" -- Anonymous

A: This one we're handling in-house here at Fitbie. It's all about finding the right sports bra. There are loads of options on the market that have padded cups, boasting a little extra cushioning to protect your, ahem, girls. Our top pick? The new Nike Pro Rival sports bra, just one of the offerings from the new Nike Pro Bra Collection, which features fully-molded cups to help deliver the kind of support every woman dreams of. And get this: The bra comes in 25 different sizes (yes, we said 25!) ranging from 30B to 38E.  

If you're not one to go for a padded sports bra, you can always opt for Boob-eez placed inside your current favorite sports bra. The super-thin silicone discs are stick-on and, wait for it, machine washable -- making them the perfect workout companion.  

Have an embarrassing question you want answered? Post it to Twitter, tag us, and hashtag #FitbieAwkie. A little too shy to post it on the web? Email We'll get the answers you need, and promise not to embarrass you in the process.

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Emily Abbate
Rachael Ray Has Something to Say About J. Crew's New Size 000 Blog entry Wed, 16 Jul 2014 14:35:54 -0400 Fitbie

In a society where the average woman is a dress size of 12 to 14, J. Crew is taking things to a whole new low. The popular preppy brand introduced a size 000 to its lineup earlier this week. To wear a 000, one would tote a 23'' waist. And while plenty of bloggers have their own thoughts on J. Crew's vanity sizing, TV personality and chef Rachael Ray is making headlines for her comments on the matter. Ray thinks J. Crew has gone too far, and the brand's new ultra-small size is excessive.

"It's the most silly, asinine thing I've ever heard in my life," Ray said in a recent interview. "What human with any sort of reasoning skills wants to be a 000? It's just ridiculous."

More from Fitbie: Expert Slimming Secrets to Dressing 10 Pounds Lighter

New York-based registered dietician Tamara D. Freuman, MS, CDN, says that there's a demand for the smaller size, despite its alarming nature. 

"What I suspect has happened is in the last decade, decade and a half have adopted this policy of vanity sizing," says Freuman. "What that means is that they're a little generous with their cuts. Someone who may typically be a size 8, they will make a usual size 8 and call it a size 6. So everyone is a size smaller in number in a vanity sizing kind of company. It makes you feel really great about yourself."

The problem with that? Smaller, naturally petite women are being edged out of the market. 

"When you're making the typically sizes bigger, your smaller customers are getting edged out of your brand," says Duker Freuman. "So, in order to accommodate someone who used to be a size zero, there are many naturally petite women, you have to keep adding more sizes on the lower end to accommodate for that vanity sizing."

What do you think of J. Crew's new, smaller size? Something to be angry about, or no big deal? Tweet to us @Fitbie and let us know.

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Emily Abbate
Fitbie Find: RealSticks Blog entry Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:00:28 -0400 Fitbie

I used to think beef jerky was a snack reserved for gas station pit stops and dirty gym bags -- a "dude food," if you will. But when I was in need of healthy travel-friendly foods a couple weeks ago, I went on the hunt for savory plane snacks (I don't know about you, but I can only eat so many sweet eats like protein bars and handfuls of trail mix) and discovered that I shouldn't judge a snack by its shrink-wrapped cover. 

RealSticks, today's #fitbiefind, are not your father's beef jerky. They contain no added nitrates, trans fats, or other artificial crap, and they have the flavor to prove it: They taste like, well, beef -- and not too-chewy, plastic-y, fake beef either; I'm talking actual meat. Plus, unlike some other fancy jerkies I've found that, while otherwise healthy, pack way too much added sugar, these convenient protein snack sticks contain just 0-2 grams of the sweet stuff per serving. 

What else we love:

• Made with humanely grown beef

• 7 grams of protein per serving

• Now available in turkey flavors

• Gluten-free

The details: RealSticks, $1.69 each,

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Cathryne Keller
Bethenny Frankel Bashed For Wearing Toddler Daughter's Clothes (PHOTO) Blog entry Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:54:54 -0400 Fitbie
Bethenny Frankel

Former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel isn't just the brains of the Skinnygirl cocktail empire, she's also a pretty small-sized lady herself. The reality TV star and entrepreneur caused some serious waves recently when she posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing 4-year-old daughter Bryn's Hello Kitty nightgown and some sleep shorts. According to Frankel, Bryn requested that she put on her clothes. No word yet if she also asked her to post it to social media.

OK, OK, enough with the sarcasm. We're not necessarily trying to jab at Frankel, but it's slightly alarming that a 43-year-old can wear a 4-year-old's clothing. The question arises: Is Bethenny too small? Is there something wrong with being naturally thin? (Editor's note: This also happens to be the name of Bethenny's 2009 book.) 

We reached out to Dr. Sue DeCotiis, who specializes in medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy, to get her take on Bethenny's slender size. The first measure of health comes as the body mass index (BMI), Dr. DeCotiis notes. A normal weight, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is when your BMI falls somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9, but no two bodies are exactly alike and index numbers alone are not a good way to gauge your health. "A BMI under 24 means you just might be too thin," says Dr. Decotiis. "But the real question is what is your body fat percentage? If it is under 21 percent for a woman, 10 percent for a man -- you are too thin."

Dr. Decotiis shared with us these 7 signs you may be too thin

• Appear to have a shallow complexion including sunken facial features
• Head appears larger on the body as rest of body shrinks (usually due to loss of muscle mass)
• Missing periods 
• Joints such as knees, wrists, and the chest appears prominent or bony due to lack of supporting fatty tissues.
• Skin appears dry, as can hair and nails
• Constant feeling of weakness and exhaustion
• Severe depression and mood swings

What do you think of Frankel's post? Does it send a bad message to her daughter?  Tweet at to us @Fitbie and let us know.

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6 Race Day Expectations vs. What Actually Goes Down (PHOTOS) Blog entry Tue, 15 Jul 2014 11:21:56 -0400 Fitbie
Women Running

1. Expectation: You'll go to bed super early the night before so you'll be well-rested by the time that 5:45 a.m. alarm goes off.

Reality: You're unsure what's more unpleasant: the 5:45 a.m. alarm come morning or Fran Drescher's voice.  

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2. Expectation: You'll get to the race way in advance and make it in and out of the porta-potty line with tons of time to spare, raising your hands in victory.

Reality: You and everyone else get there extra early, resulting in the longest line in the history of lines. Think if Ryan Gosling were holding a casting call for a potential wife … long. 

3. Expectation: You're going to look wonderful in those brand new running capris.

Reality: You look great. Like, final rose ceremony flawless. But man, you should have washed 'em first because hello itches you cannot touch in public. 

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4. Expectation: You're just running this for fun, not a care in the world except to finish. 

Reality: The adrenaline during your run fuels you to a new PR.

5. Expectation: You're going to immediately look hotter to every man on Instagram because you just ran an epic race and have the photos to show for it! 

Reality: Most men aren't awake when you're posting your slammin' race photos. Gotta love that 7 a.m. race time. 

6. Expectation: You and your girlfriend will have a total blast running this one together. You can't wait to take pics! 

Reality: The two of you couldn't have had a more different race strategy if you tried. While she's a start slow, finish fast kinda girl -- you're a slow and steady wins the race … the entire time. Alas, she owes you. 

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Why Organic Really Is Worth It Blog entry Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:50:52 -0400 Fitbie
organic produce

To go organic or not to go organic? That is the question on many supermarket shoppers' minds when they roam the produce aisle, and though it's no secret that some conventional fruits and veggies contain more pesticides than their organic equivalents, there's been little evidence showing that pricier organic foods are more nutritious.

Until now, that is: A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition confirmed that organic fruits and vegetables contain significantly more nutrients than their conventional counterparts.

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Researchers from Newcastle University analyzed 343 studies on the difference between organic and conventional crops and discovered that organic produce was 69 percent higher in a variety of important antioxidants. In fact, the scientists concluded that switching to organic plant foods would provide consumers with an additional antioxidant dose equivalent to eating between 1-2 extra servings of fruit and vegetables per day!

And if that's not enough reason to shell out a few extra bucks for organic eats, the study also showed that levels of the toxic heavy metal cadmium were 50 percent lower in organic crops compared to conventional crops. 

This [research] constitutes an important addition to the information currently available to consumers which until now has been confusing and in many cases is conflicting," said lead study author Carlo Leifert.

The takeaway: Consider organic foods an investment in your health, rather than a senseless splurge.

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64 Thoughts Every Woman Has On Summer Runs Blog entry Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:09:24 -0400 Fitbie
woman running in heat

1. It's hotter than Ryan Gosling out here.
2. How warm does it need to be to get a heat stroke?
3. If I just don't eat anything "bad" today do I need to workout?
4. Run outside or go to the gym?
5. Tan. If I go outside, I'll get tan.
6. Why do I have to live in the one place where getting to an air-conditioned gym takes 15 minutes?
7. I need to clean out my car. 
8. Why is it that I can never find a complete pair of socks?
9. I should have done laundry yesterday.
10. This spray-on sunscreen makes me feel slimy while simultaneously making me wonder if I've missed a spot. 
11. Do shorts that don't ride up actually exist?
12. Does this sports bra smell?
13. I’m turning it inside out.
14. Get this workout over. Come back. Get fro-yo. 
15. Well hello there, instantly-gross-hit-me-in-the-face humidity. We meet again. 
16. I should have tied my shoelaces tighter. 
17. My ankle hurts.
18. I wish tanning beds existed that didn't give you cancer. 
19. I don't want to do this. 
20. This headband is not going to stay on.

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21. Maybe if I go on a cleanse I can skip this sweating stuff. 
22. I need to buy watermelon. 
24. Is my bicep sweating? 
25. Someone needs to make the ultimate workout playlist station on Pandora and share it with me. 
26. Is it just the heat or do I have exercise-induced asthma?
27. I wonder where I am in my cell phone data plan this month. 
28. Bikini body in the making. Bikini body in the making.
29. Aaaand my right headphone is definitely not playing music.
30. Maybe if I suck the sweat out, it'll work again.
31. I don't want to be doing this. 
32. A hill? Now? Really? 
33. I feel as though the man running shirtless with his dog across the street is trying to brag that he can wear less clothes appropriately in public than me.
34. I'm wearing the wrong underwear for this. 
35. Do I have anything I can defrost for dinner?
36. I should have worn softer socks.
37. I'm craving a smoothie. One that doesn't cost $11.50. 
38. No, fro-yo. Eye on the prize.
39. My mascara is definitely running down my cheeks.
40. Did I remember to put on deodorant?
41. This song is way too slow. 
42. I need to invest in some sort of cute running hat.
43. STUPIDHeadband. Stay. Put. 
44. The things I would do for an ice cream cone right about now. 
45. "Sweatproof" makeup is clearly a joke. 
46. Is there a medical condition for excessive sweating? 
47. I’m definitely burning more calories since it’s hot out. I have to be. 

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48. Maybe I should start taking baths.
50. How in the world is she wearing pants right now?
51. Can't. Change. Song. Too. Sweaty.
52. If only it wasn't so annoying to carry around a water bottle while running. 
53. What ever happened with global warming?
54. If my feet swell up any more, my sneakers are going to rip.
55. Where is there a pool around here?
57. There are definitely dead bugs stuck to my chest. 
58. Do not make eye contact with overenthusiastic runner across the street. Do not make eye contact with overenthusiastic runner across the street.
59. When am I going to catch my breath?
60. Should I have stretched before this? 
61. How does [Heidi Klum/Vanessa Hudgenss/Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting] look so good when she runs?
62. The end. SO CLOSE TO THE END.
63. There's no way I just did four miles, MapMyRun
64. Just. Want. Shower. 

Jacqueline Parisi
Fitbie Find: C9 by Champion Women's Woven Run Short Blog entry Fri, 18 Jul 2014 11:31:38 -0400 Fitbie
C9 by Champion Women's Woven Run Short

When it comes to summer workouts, it's critical to keep the internal temperature of your body as cool as possible. With that said -- warmer workout conditions encourage many of us who aren't generally fans of rockin' shorts and tank tops during a sweat session to go out of our comfort zone. If you're not a fan of working out in shorts, then the best thing you can do is find a few inexpensive pairs to get you through the warmer weather. That's where today's #SaturdaySaver comes in: the women's woven run shorts from C9 by Champion.

With a 3.5-inch inseam and a built in brief, these shorts will keep you cool and covered. Bonus? They tote a front inner pocket to hold key and are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

Was: $16.99
Now on sale for: $11.89

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The 15 Most Mobile States in America, Plus More Hot Health Headlines Blog entry Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:21:51 -0400 Fitbie
people crossing the street

Where you live might affect how you move, according to new research. See how your state stacks up on this list of the states that take the most steps. [Greatist

We know quite a few tips and tricks for eating less, but this week we added a new calorie-control tool to our arsenal after this new study revealed a surprising way to keep your appetite in check. [Women's Health]

Few things make you feel more bikini unready than a bloated belly -- #areweright? Thankfully, we found these natural flat-tummy remedies that'll help you beat the bloat all summer long. [Rodale News]

We hope you heart almonds as much as we do, because it turns out that your heart hearts them, too:  Researchers recently discovered that eating the humble nut on the regular can protect your ticker from cardiovascular disease. [Fitbie

Buzzkill alert: Think you're safe from sitting disease because you're a spinning devotee? Think again. A new study found that regular exercise might not be enough to offset a sedentary lifestyle. [Fitbie

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