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Calm Your Mind and Get a Sexy Body with Yoga

Transform your body, clear your head, and feel stronger and sexier than ever with the Slim, Calm, Sexy plan. These simple yoga workouts will help you manage stress, elevate your mood, and firm your figure in just 2 weeks.

  • Do the Fat-Burning Yoga Workout 4 days a week to slim down and build a lean body.
  • Boost calorie burn with a 5-minute Metabolism-Revving Kickoff 3 mornings a week.
  • Wind down with a Relaxing Yoga Sequence once a week. Do it more often if you really need to mellow out!
At a Glance

The Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga plan gives you everything you need to tone your body, control cravings, and ease anxieties, so you can lose weight naturally. Here’s what you’ll get:


  • Choose from dozens of body-shaping yoga poses, meditations, breathing exercises, and unique 15-minute routines you can do at home, in the office, or in bed.


  • No strict eating plan! Doing yoga will help you eat more mindfully. All that paying attention on the mat will spill over into your life choices. You’ll notice a newfound awareness of your body and mind that will heighten your sense of what’s good for you and what’s not.


  • Log your weight with an easy-to-use tracking tool to chart your progress along the way.

Source: The Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga plan is based on the book, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles, contributing editor to Women’s Health magazine. You can find more plans like this, tailor-made for you, on the Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga subscription site powered by Women’s Health Fit Coach.

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