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Hit the Gym—Smarter
and Harder

Ready to maximize results while doing less? The Personal Trainer Plan does triple duty—building muscle, burning fat, and saving you time. The program is built on complex movements that use more muscle with every rep, so you're building more lean tissue in fewer sets.

  • Three weight-lifting workouts keep your body challenged all week long—it’s like having a personal trainer!
  • Work out up to 6 days a week. Mix in optional cardio workouts on off days to reveal max muscle.
At a Glance

The Men's Health Personal Trainer Plan gives you everything you need to amp up your results in the gym in less time. The plan includes:


  • The ultimate gym workouts: Powerful weight-lifting routines that will build lean tissue, fast.
  • Fat-blasting cardio: Strip fat and reveal hard-earned muscle with 3 days of optional cardio intervals.


  • No strict guidelines! This fitness plan will help you tone up without changing what you eat.


  • An easy-to-use weight tracker charts your progress as you get closer to your goal.

Source: The Men's Health Personal Trainer Plan is based on Men's Health Personal Trainer, the premier subscription service of the world's number one men's magazine. The program combines the expertise of 18 of Men's Health's expert advisers.

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