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Blaze the Trail to a
Better Body

Ready to turn flab into muscle and have fun while doing it? The Bicycling Weight Loss Kick-Start is designed to increase the number of calories burned after your wheels stop spinning, so you will maximize fat loss on every ride.

  • Four original cycling workouts challenge your body all week long—it’s like having a personal coach!
  • Ride 3 days a week. Mix in optional easy rides on days off to improve results.
At a Glance

The Bicycling Weight Loss Kick-Start gives you everything you need to rev up your fat-burning engine. The plan includes:


  • Ultimate cycling workouts: Interval routines mixed with long, slow rides will torch fat and build lean muscle.


  • No strict eating plan! Just follow the daily workouts and drop pounds as you burn calories.


  • An easy-to-use weight tracker charts your progress as you approach your goal.

Source: The Bicycling Weight Loss Kick-Start is based on Bicycling magazine, the world’s leading bicycling magazine. You can find more plans like this, tailor-made for you, on the Sports Performance subscription site powered by Men’s Health Personal Trainer.

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