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Lose Your Gut to Look and Feel Better Than Ever!

The Belly Off! 2-Week Challenge attacks the fat that matters most—belly fat—using the same simple strategies that have helped hundreds of thousands of men like you turn their lives around.

  • Eat the foods you love! There's no calorie counting, no deprivation.
  • No need to go to a gym—the Belly Off! workouts can be done at home, without equipment.
At a Glance

The Belly Off! 2-Week Challenge gives you everything you need to start losing weight, fast. The plan includes:


  • 25 delicious meals and snacks you'll actually want to eat—burgers, chili, steak, and more
  • 2 weeks of daily menus, with shopping lists and recipes, so you know exactly what to eat for every meal and snack of the day


  • Do it at home! Work out three times a week in your home, without equipment, to kickstart your metabolism, build lean muscle (that burns fat), and torch fat.


  • An easy-to-use weight tracker charts your progress as you get closer to your goal.

Source: The Belly Off! 2-Week Challenge is based on the New York Times bestselling book, The Belly Off! Diet, by Jeff Csatari and the editors of Men's Health magazine.

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