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Lose Up to 11 Pounds in
14 Days!

Eat what you love and still shed pounds to get the body you’ve always wanted. Our diet plan teaches you to limit your meals to about 400 calories with simple portion control tricks. It’s the world’s easiest weight loss plan.

  • A 2-week jumpstart program helps you drop pounds quickly and easily.
  • The structured plan is built around tasty 400-calorie meals to keep hunger at bay.
  • Healthy fast food options and recipes fit into the busiest schedule.
At a Glance

The 400 Calorie Fix program gives you all of the tools you need to lose weight and drop pounds the easy way. Here’s all you get.


  • 56 delicious 400-calorie meal ideas
  • Daily menus so you know exactly what to eat for every meal of the day


  • None required! But to blast fat faster, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity three times a week.


  • Our easy-to-use weight tracker allows you to chart your progress as the pounds melt away.

Source: The 400 Calorie Fix program is based on the book, 400 Calorie Fix, by Liz Vaccariello with Mindy Hermann, RD.

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