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Weekend Weight Loss Tips

(Will) Power Through Your Weekends!

Yeah, you deserve to have fun when Friday rolls around, but that doesn't mean your diet has to go off the rails. How to treat yourself and still ward off Monday muffin top

Slim Down Around the Clock

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There's a new type of Sunday-night dread, and it has nothing to do with returning to work the next day. It happens—cue the Jaws music—when you step on the scale after a weekend of indulgence, only to discover you've gained three pounds in two days. (Search: How many calories are in a pound?) Been there? You're not alone. A study in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing found that adults scarf down, on average, 419 extra calories each weekend. "We have more social events that include food and drinks, we're less structured about our mealtimes, and we give ourselves leeway to eat more," says Kathy McManus, R.D., director of the department of nutrition at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. That said, who wants to spend their downtime counting every single calorie? Here's the compromise: Use this advice to strategically navigate common diet dilemmas so you can loosen up this weekend without needing to loosen your belt.

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