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Weight Loss Tips for Lasting Results

Here are five weight loss tips to help make sure that when you lose weight you keep it off for good

Weight Loss Tips To Keep Pounds Off

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Planning to go on a diet? Prepare yourself-literally. According to a recent study from Stanford University, it's easier to keep the weight off if you adopt healthy lifestyle habits, like eating mindfully and taking brief walks, before you start your weight-loss plan.

The study, which appears in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, found that women who spent eight weeks mastering weight-maintenance skills before embarking on a weight-loss program shed the same number of pounds as women who started a weight-loss program immediately. More importantly, the results showed that the "maintenance-first" women regained only 3 pounds on average a year later, compared to the average 7-pound gain for the immediate dieters.

"The premise for the 'before' idea was that women could have an opportunity to master the maintenance skills before having to worry about losing weight," says study author Michaela Kiernan, PhD. That way, study participants were able to channel their initial motivation and excitement into maintenance, the usually elusive part of weight-loss management, Kiernan adds.

Make this method work for you. If you've struggled to keep off excess pounds, start with these five healthy habits before actively starting to lose weight.

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