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Diet Supplements and Weight Loss

The Truth about Weight Loss Supplements

Here’s the skinny on seven commercial weight loss supplements. Find out which are safe, which to skip, and if any of them can produce lasting results

Should You Pop One of These Pills?

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Weight loss supplements pose a tempting promise: Pop a pill and presto the weight disappears. Sign you up, right?

Not so fast. When it comes to losing weight, there is no magic bullet. “Most diet products offer quick fixes that don’t pan out,” says Eric Braverman, MD, founder of PATH Medical Center in New York City and author of The Younger (Thinner) You Diet. “Even if you do lose some weight, you usually gain it back once you stop taking the pills.” (Search: How do you prevent weight regain?)

According to a study from Obesity Journal, 33.9% of adults who have attempted to lose weight have used these supplements. While popping pills for weight loss is fairly commonplace, there are some dangers, especially with supplements that contain stimulants, which can raise blood pressure, increase the chance of a stroke, affect the thyroid, cause vision problems, and interfere with prescription medications.

This may not be music to your ears, but when it comes to losing weight, the tried-and-true still stands: “It’s critical that dietary and lifestyle changes accompany any weight loss program,” Braverman says.

Yet if you’re still curious about weight loss supplements, there are some that could help you jump-start your weight loss goals—for the short-term. Take a look at seven of the most popular.

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