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Weight Loss Tips from Weight Watchers

How to Win at Losing

It's a war out there! Use these strategies to diet like a man

Set Yourself Up for Success

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Something you should know about me: I'm the CEO of Weight Watchers. I am also a member. I'm an unwavering fan of my own organization, and one main reason for that is the fact that it helped me change my own life fundamentally.

When I started at Weight Watchers back in 1999, I thought it would be a nice perk to lose weight in the process, and I'm happy to say I was right: I dropped 40 pounds and have maintained that loss for the past 3 years. And yet I'm hardly on autopilot. I know that staying here will not happen by accident. I will have to keep working to make these changes permanent. While this is work, it's a job that has a big payday: It can help you live better, longer, more happily. As a special bonus, you can also look good doing it. As someone who is surrounded by the topic 24-7, I now have strong opinions about what really works when it comes to weight loss. Here, my best ideas.

Adapted from Weight Loss Boss (May 2012) by David Kirchhoff.

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