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Winter Weight Loss

Healthier Ways to Hibernate This Winter

The frigid weather and shorter days may make you want to hide out until spring. Here’s how to give into that instinct without packing on pounds

Stay aware of your eating habits

If you’re home for prolonged periods of time, your instinct may be to graze continuously. “Keep a food journal,” Frechman says. “It will help you identify problems. You may be snacking too much and not realize you’re doing it.” When you’re homebound, it becomes easy to down an entire bag of snacks throughout the course of a day, or even in a single sitting, if you’re not careful. To avoid falling prey to these seemingly bottomless bags, portion out your servings in advance, Frechman suggests. (Related: DIY Snack Packs) This way, when you reach for a snack, you’ll know you won’t go overboard. She also urges people to keep an eye on the scale. Studies show that individuals who weigh themselves regularly are less likely to gain weight and more likely to lose weight.

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