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Low-Calorie Beers for Weight Loss

8 Tasty Beers That Won’t Grow Your Gut

You don't have to sacrifice flavor when you're on a diet. The following suds are all under 200 calories, and not a single “light” in the bunch

Drop Pounds While You Drink

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Whether you’re just working to drop a few pounds or you do more yoga than Madonna, all that sweat equity means you’ve earned a wind-down brew in the evening. Unfortunately, a night cap can be the difference between being a hard body or a Fat Tire (more on that later).

But the low-cal options you’re left with are usually flavorless—and most of them end with “light.” (Search: The best beers for weight loss.)

No longer. These 8 offerings have a few more calories than traditional “lights,” but they’ve got a lot more flavor. And that flavor can mean you’re more satisfied with one or two brews, says Lucy Saunders of beercook.com, meaning you’re less likely to blow your diet. So raise your glass…for fewer than 200 calories.

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