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How to Lose Belly Fat

The 8 Laws of a Flat Belly

Slim your midsection with these scientifically proven steps

The Science Behind a Six-Pack

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In the war on fat, you want all of your weapons to torch the enemy. But in the face of mountains of flab-fighting advice, it's tough to separate the bona fides from the baloney.

For instance: You don't have to eat six times a day. There's no scientific evidence suggesting that eating smaller meals spread throughout the day is better for weight loss than the classic three squares. In fact, in a study published in the journal Obesity in 2011, researchers found that eating six times didn't help with appetite control or perceived fullness when compared to eating three times a day. (Search: How can I cut cravings?)

Eating more often may work for some, but it's not science, and it's not foolproof for losing fat. But these eight rules are the real deal—they're all backed by science. Incorporate these into your diet and exercise plans, and you'll have a good start toward achieving the flat stomach you've dreamed of—no matter how many times you eat each day.

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