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Wacky Reasons Why You Gain Weight

7 Surprising Reasons for Winter Weight Gain

There’s more to weight gain than just calories-in, calories-out. Things like a draughty house, your comforter, and the sniffles could be behind your burgeoning belly

Sneaky Reasons You Pack on Pounds

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You don’t have to be a C.S.I. agent to spot the usual suspects when it comes to winter weight gain, but if it were that easy to identify every diet and exercise derailer, we’d all still have our beach bodies in January. Yes, your hibernating instincts tell you to move less and eat more when the temperature drops, but turns out the common cold, down comforters, and a hatred for Brussels sprouts could cause the needle to creep on your scale, too.

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We did some sleuthing and rounded up a bunch of sneaky ways that cold weather could be causing you to expand. Read on and never let winter weight gain be a mystery again.

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