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Weight Loss: Blast Belly Fat With Sleep

4 Belly-Melting Foods

Say goodbye to all of the traditional weight loss tricks. The simple solution: catching a few Zs with the help of these nutritious eats

Sleepy Foods that Fight Fat Fast

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Believe it or not, your body actually doesn't want to store fat. And the secret to lasting weight loss does not come down to complicated calorie-counting and weight-loss gimmicks. Instead, it’s about working with your body’s natural hunger and sleep rhythms to curb cravings, burn fat and send your energy levels soaring. (Search: How many hours of sleep do I need each night?)

Research shows that our bodies' inner eat-and-sleep clocks have been thrown completely out of whack, thanks to cues we send it all day with the wrong foods—and too much artificial light at night. The result: You're caught in a "fat cycle": a constant flow of hunger hormones that makes your cravings all but impossible to resist. But if you tune into your body's natural eat and sleep schedules, you can actually—finally—say good-bye to your belly. Sounds good, right?

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Prevention’s revolutionary Belly Melt Diet explains the science behind why getting a good night’s sleep will help you lose while you snooze and how eating the right foods at the right times can satisfy your body’s need for fuel and taste. What’s more: Certain foods can actually help you sleep better and help you lose weight on their own.

These wholesome foods are built into The Belly Melt Diet meal plans and recipes, but you can also incorporate them into your diet in any way you like. Eat these foods to sleep better, lose more weight, and melt your belly fat. Here’s how to get started.

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