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Easy Ways to Lose Weight

25 Ways to Lose Weight at Work

Give workplace weight gain the pink slip by employing these tactics for taking more steps, making healthier food choices, and managing stress sans candy and caffeine

Burn Calories Like It's Your Job

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The 9-to-5 rat race may make you sweat, but it's far from a physical feat. In fact, becoming a slave to a swivel chair and a computer screen can send you home with a little extra dough at the end of the week—and we don't mean in your paycheck. Forty-four percent of the workforce says they have put on weight while at their current jobs, according to a 2010 CareerBuilder survey of more than 4,800 working Americans. Respondents cited sitting at a desk all day (49%), stress (42%), and eating out regularly (25%) as key contributors to expanding waistlines.

While you could put a pricey treadmill desk at the top of your workplace wish list, making small changes to the way you work can yield big results if you're consistent (and you'll likely turn fewer heads in the office). "Burning off or eliminating just 100 calories per day from your actual caloric need can lead to a weight loss of approximately 10 pounds in 1 year," says Heather Mangieri, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Here are 25 easy ways to torch calories and make healthy decisions when you're at the printer, out to lunch, or on the phone.

Try these 7 easy stretches you can do right at work.

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