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How to Lose Weight in College

15 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Wise up with this primer on how to make it through your first year at college without gaining weight

Stay Fit in College

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Anyone who has frequented a college dining hall knows the Freshman 15 is real. According to Utah State University researchers, one out of every four college freshmen gains 5% or more of their body weight—about 10 pounds—in the first semester. It’s no wonder, either. Between the pasta line, grill, stir-fry station, and hot meal bar, it’s easy to want to try everything—every single time. And if the dining hall isn’t your downfall, then late night “brain breaks,” early morning pregame “kegs and eggs,” and anytime partying probably will.

But college doesn’t have to pull a doozy on your diet. We chatted with Robyn Flipse, RD, author of Fighting the Freshman Fifteen, and Daphne Oz, author of The Dorm Room Diet, for smart strategies on how to tackle stress, eating, and exercise your first year away from home. Here, 15 ways to fend off the Freshman 15.

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