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Healthy Weight Loss Success Story: Adrian Crouch

She Lost 110 Pounds and Is Training for a Marathon

Watching The Biggest Loser gave Adrian Crouch the determination to drop the weight. Now, 110 pounds lighter, she’s on a runner’s high.

Adrian Crouch after
After  |  Before Courtesy of Adrian Crouch

Before: 230 pounds
After: 120 pounds
Height: 5’4”
Age: 22

Overweight and a naturally quiet child, Adrian Crouch, 22, was an easy target for middle-school bullies, whose teasing and name-calling only drove her to eat even more. Topping off at 230 pounds, she could finish an entire family-size bag of Doritos while watching TV. The only show that Adrian didn’t dare to snack through was The Biggest Loser.

The Turning Point
In spring 2009, halfway through watching Season 7 of The Biggest Loser, Adrian decided that she needed to turn her life around—and not through fad diets, as she had in the past. “I knew I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and how I felt inside,” she says. “The more I watched the show and the more I saw Tara [Costa] in particular, something clicked in my head that as long as I believed in myself, I could do it.” (Search: Fitness inspiration)

The Lifestyle
Adrian picked up healthy eating tips from the show and started making gradual changes in her diet. She switched out white flour for whole grain products, traded her 2% for skim or light vanilla soy milk, cut out soda, and loaded up on fruits, veggies, and lean meats. (Learn more effective swaps when you pick up a copy of Eat This, Not That!)

At first, Adrian didn’t exercise at all, though her summer internship at a plane and train manufacturer involved a lot of heavy physical labor. Once the summer ended, she started walking and playing Just Dance on her Wii to keep moving. (Related: 10 Rules for Lasting Weight Loss)

While the pounds started coming off, Adrian became obsessed with weighing herself multiple times a day, and her weight dipped to a low 106 pounds. “I had conquered my addiction with food, but I hadn’t conquered that voice in my head,” she says. “I was afraid of turning back into my old self.” It was around then that she met a friend who was a runner. His passion for the sport piqued her own interest—she wanted to experience a runner’s high for herself. The more she ran, the hungrier she got, and the hungrier she got, the more interested she became in fueling her body right and caring about her health, not the number on the scale. Now she runs 4 days a week, cross-trains for a day, resistance-trains 1 to 2 days a week, and is at a healthy (and strong) 120 pounds. (Video: Get proper running form)

The Motivation
After watching the Pittsburgh Marathon, Adrian was immediately inspired to go home and run 13.1 miles. And the running bug hasn’t left her. She’s currently training for her first half-marathon in September, and she has her eye on crossing the finish line at the 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon. She’s been blogging about her training—what she calls the second leg of her weight loss journey—and doesn’t want to let herself or any of her followers down.

The Reward
“I’m no longer afraid to speak my mind—in a good way—and show my true colors,” says Adrian, who feels so much happier and more confident. “I hope to one day write a book about my journey, to continue to inspire others just as I am now with my blog.”

Adrian’s Tips
Follow the “Triple-F” rule. “No fried. No fat. No fast. Don’t eat foods that are fried or foods that are high in bad fat, and no fast food, unless you choose a healthy option.”

Lifestyle changes = lifetime results. “Ignore fad diets and never go to extremes. Why? It’s impossible to stick with.”

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