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Andi Guthrie

Her Granddaugher Inspired Her to Lose 84 Pounds

Andi Guthrie’s weight to shot up to 274 pounds after a rough pregnancy and thyroid cancer. Today she’s 84 pounds lighter and teaches fitness classes

John Lanoue after

He Finished a 150-Mile Bike Ride

After a brush with death, John Lanoue, 45, started a weight loss club with his colleagues, rekindled his love for running, and dropped 60 pounds

Roma West

She Signed Up for Step Class and Lost 70 Pounds

Moved by her mother’s premature death and her own health problems, Roma West hit the gym and reformed her bad eating habits

John Fenyes after

“I Feel Like I’m 20 Years Old!”

John Fenyes, 41, didn’t want to be a disappointment to his kids, so he decided to turn his life around

Kathy Hebdon after

“I’m at My Personal Best at 45”

Kathy Hebdon, 45, showed that it’s more than possible to lose weight after menopause

Kim Morris after

She Went From a Size 26 to a Size 8!

At age 45, Kim Morris gave up soda and fried foods and started to exercise—now she’s 100 pounds lighter

Dave Hall

He Lost 75 Pounds in 6 Months

Dave Hall used to eat as much as an NFL player. Now he exercises 6 days a week and feels like a new person

Helen Mirren

Svelte, Sexy, and Over 60

Don’t even think about calling these sizzling celebs seniors! They’re here to prove that your sixth decade could be your sexiest yet

locked scale

The End of Dieting

In a radical new approach, obese women are getting healthier precisely by not focusing on their weight

Girl stretching

5 Easy Ways to Fight Fat

Diet and regular exercise aren’t the only ways to help reduce body fat. Try incorporating some of these healthy habits to slim down and shed pounds

woman swimming

Have more fun in the pool with a water workout that tones fat zones and blasts more than 300 calories in under 30 minutes—no sweat

woman doing crunches on ball

This wonder workout will melt off 5 inches from your waist and nearly 10 pounds in 6 weeks

man running on track

No more excuses! Here’s how to kick-start your running routine—and stick with it all year long

woman walking outside

Unlock the lifesaving power of exercise with this three-pronged fitness breakthrough

woman boxing

With this do-anywhere boxing routine, you'll look like a knockout in no time flat

Total-body workout for weight loss and fat burn

It's the perfect time to commit. Let Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition help you make 2012 your fittest, healthiest year ever

woman in bound angle pose

Use this 20-minute sequence of yoga poses and breathing techniques to beat stress, boost energy, and flush toxins from the body

woman in pink flexing arms

Got a crazy-busy schedule? No worries (and no excuses!). These supercharged workouts tone and trim in a flash

Abs for all seasons

Use these cardio drills to keep your core strong all winter long

woman sqeezing into jeans

The key to shrinking love handles: Attack your fat from all angles. Here, 10 toning moves that target your hips, abs, obliques, and lower back

He Dropped 30 Pounds of Fat … and Took Home Cash!

An executive chef finds competition and monetary rewards are the key ingredients for losing weight.

4 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Sick of sucking it in? This fat-blasting protocol from Drs. Jade and Keoni Teta can banish your belly once and for all.

weight loss success: jorge cruise after picture

He Dropped 40 Pounds and Wrote a Diet Book

Before Jorge Cruise penned his best-selling fitness series, he transformed his own body—and life

"I Lost 45 Pounds and Improved My Golf Game!"

A life on the road caused golf pro Karen Stupples to pack on the pounds. But a few simple food swaps helped her go from a size 12 to a size 4!

weight loss: Christina Taylor after picture

"Facebook Helped Me Slim Down"

For Christina Taylor, the internet provided a surprising source of weight-loss support

"I Discovered My Fitness Passion—And Dropped 30-Plus Pounds!"

Paula David hated exercise until she trained for her first 5-K. Now she's hooked on running and off cholesterol meds

before and after pictures Natombi Simpson

"Zumba Transformed My Body--I lost 90 Pounds and Counting!'"

Natombi Simpson believed that she'd never be less than a size 24. Now she's a size 8!

weight loss success Keoni Hudoba

This Personal Trainer Danced Off 142 Pounds

Keoni Hudoba sang and danced his way from obesity to a career in fitness

weight loss success Michael Knight

He Dropped 89 Pounds and Found a Career in Fitness

A chronic overeater, Michael Knight went from being an obese bodybuilder to a celebrity trainer

Weight loss success Gina Crome

She Lost 172 Pounds and Became a Dietitian

Dropping half her body weight inspired Gina Crome to help others overcome their own weight struggles

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Woman walking in the park

Walk Off Weight

You can lose weight just by walking! The secret is a mix of steady-paced walks, fat-blasting intervals, and strength training that will melt away fat and send your metabolism soaring.

Woman with flat belly in front of blue sky

Flat Belly Diet

Feast your way to a flat belly! This 2-week plan is proven to jumpstart your metabolism and blast fat, the simple secret? This delicious ingredient that's hiding in some of your favorite foods. Try it FREE for 2 weeks! Learn more

Slim man walking in the park

Belly Off!

The Belly Off! 2-Week Challenge attacks the fat that matters most—belly fat—using the same simple strategies that have helped hundreds of thousands of men like you turn their lives around.