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Healthy Weight Loss Success Story: Lynn Greenhalge

"I Finally Put Myself First"

After the birth of her third child, Lynn Greenhalge, 47, couldn't stop the pounds from piling up. Then she reconnected with her body and dropped 18 dress sizes

Lynn Greenhalge after
After  |  Before Perry Hagopian

Lynn's Slim-Down Stats
How She Did It: Yoga and portion control
Height: 5'1"
Heaviest Weight and Size: 225 lb; size 18
Current Weight and Size: 112 lb; size zero
Vitals: 47, Webster, MA; credit analyst

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What Packed On The Pounds
Putting my family's needs first
Lynn Greenhalge's scale struggles began at age 27, after the birth of her third child. "Between work and chauffeuring the kids, I didn't have time to lose the baby weight," she says. By 2006, at age 42, she weighed 225 pounds.

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My Lowest Moment
Barely fitting into a size 16
"I dreaded shopping, so I squeezed into embarrassingly tight pants for my son's high-school graduation."

What Finally Worked For Me
Yoga plus portion control
"Yoga helped me reconnect with my body," recalls Greenhalge, who began practicing twice a week in the fall of 2006. Next, she signed up for Weight Watchers online and began walking 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. By the end of the year, she'd dropped 30 pounds. In 2008, to blast through a plateau, she upped her cardio: daily 5 AM, 60-minute walking and running intervals on a treadmill in her bedroom, torching calories as her husband snoozed. (Search: What's the best way to get past a weight loss plateau?) Within 8 months, she'd lost another 50 pounds.

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My "Take It Off, Leave It Off" Secrets
Wear workout clothes to bed. "I sleep in a sports bra. When I get up, I'm exercising."

Tune out the TV. "I'll forgo my workout to take a walk with my family, but not to watch TV with them. I've worked too hard not to put myself first."

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