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Body Fat Calculator

Find out whether your body fat is on target.

3 Ways to Minimize Stubborn Face Fat

Tone up from the neck up!

Whatever You Do, Don't Call Exercise 'Exercise'

-- Originally written by Linda Melone, CSCS, for...

Muffin Top Rap

Woman Loves On Her Muffin Top in Epic Rap (VIDEO)

Oh the dreaded muffin top. If you have one, you probably aren't a fan of it. If you don't? Then I wouldn't be surprised if you've had nightmares about it -- I mean, that...

'Dancing with the Stars': 20 Contestants Who've Slimmed Down

These celebrities transformed their bodies by dancing the pounds away

Stay Slim and Stress-Free This Holiday Season

The month of December leaves many people with a lighter wallet, a tighter belt, and a whole lot of anxiety. But with this 31-day guide, you'll welcome 2014feeling fit and fabulous

Graphic: Three Ways to Burn Off that Large Iced Mocha Coffee

Love to indulge in iced, chocolatey, caffeinated goodness but fret about the nutritional consequences? Not to worry! This week's graphic presents three fun ways to burn off that giant sweetened...

couple running

64 Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Kicking calories to the curb can be easy, just make a little time for these activities

bear belly

Shed the Bear Belly

Ditch your excess insulation and spring into the new season with these gut-blasting tips

Free Guide: Running for Weight Loss

Try this breakthrough plan to lose weight and start running—no experience necessary. Get the free guide and 12-week training log here

Tray of fruits and vegetables

Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Blast that last bit of fat with this meal-by-meal plan

Man holding weight plate

Win the War on Fat

This total-body workout will leave you leaner than ever

woman at the gym

Crush More Calories

This high-intensity workout is a superfast body sculptor

man performing chinup

The No-Gym, No Excuses Workout

Incinerate fat and pack on muscle without lifting a weight

Man in a blue sweater about to take a bite of dessert

Fend Off Holiday Weight Gain

Rev your metabolism for a lean winter with this intense four-part workout

Man running through a field in a tank top

Elevate Your Baseline

Six ball-field drills for shedding fat fast

Man in the pushup position with his arms extended

Melt Away Calories in Half the Time

Superset your gains with this full-body routine

Close up of a man's abs, man holding towel around his neck

Burn Off Your Belly!

Get the six-pack you always wanted with these fat-burning exercises

man diving in beach volleyball

Your Instant Beach Body

Blast fat, build muscle, and sculpt your entire body with this fast, no-rest regimen

man running up arena steps

3 Moves to Rev Your Metabolism

Burn fat with this multi-muscle challenge. This calorie-torching workout will kickstart your metabolism for high-speed fat-loss

Woman seated on a bench doing a lat pulldown

Small Changes, Big Results

Freshen up your workout and tone up fast

He Dropped 30 Pounds of Fat … and Took Home Cash!

An executive chef finds competition and monetary rewards are the key ingredients for losing weight.

4 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Sick of sucking it in? This fat-blasting protocol from Drs. Jade and Keoni Teta can banish your belly once and for all.

weight loss success: jorge cruise after picture

He Dropped 40 Pounds and Wrote a Diet Book

Before Jorge Cruise penned his best-selling fitness series, he transformed his own body—and life

"I Lost 45 Pounds and Improved My Golf Game!"

A life on the road caused golf pro Karen Stupples to pack on the pounds. But a few simple food swaps helped her go from a size 12 to a size 4!

weight loss: Christina Taylor after picture

"Facebook Helped Me Slim Down"

For Christina Taylor, the internet provided a surprising source of weight-loss support

"I Discovered My Fitness Passion—And Dropped 30-Plus Pounds!"

Paula David hated exercise until she trained for her first 5-K. Now she's hooked on running and off cholesterol meds

before and after pictures Natombi Simpson

"Zumba Transformed My Body--I lost 90 Pounds and Counting!'"

Natombi Simpson believed that she'd never be less than a size 24. Now she's a size 8!

weight loss success Keoni Hudoba

This Personal Trainer Danced Off 142 Pounds

Keoni Hudoba sang and danced his way from obesity to a career in fitness

weight loss success Michael Knight

He Dropped 89 Pounds and Found a Career in Fitness

A chronic overeater, Michael Knight went from being an obese bodybuilder to a celebrity trainer

Weight loss success Gina Crome

She Lost 172 Pounds and Became a Dietitian

Dropping half her body weight inspired Gina Crome to help others overcome their own weight struggles

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Woman walking in the park

Walk Off Weight

You can lose weight just by walking! The secret is a mix of steady-paced walks, fat-blasting intervals, and strength training that will melt away fat and send your metabolism soaring.

Slim man walking in the park

Belly Off!

The Belly Off! 2-Week Challenge attacks the fat that matters most—belly fat—using the same simple strategies that have helped hundreds of thousands of men like you turn their lives around.