Marathon Training: Running Tips

What to Eat If You’re Training for a Marathon

Anchor your pre-race diet on these pro tips to ensure your body is primed for a strong finish on race day

Fuel Your Best Run

What to Eat If You’re Training for a Marathon // woman eating a bowl of fruit © Thinkstock

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Training for a marathon involves more than just pounding the pavement. Eating a balanced diet is also essential to fuel your body for maximum endurance, fast recovery, and optimal race performance. During the training period, the right foods provide essential nutrients, electrolytes, and energy for runs and recovery; what you eat during this phase also “trains” the intestinal tract and helps you learn what foods will and won’t work for your body on the big day. If you’re gearing up for a marathon, follow these eating guidelines to ensure your body is ready to conquer 26.2 miles.

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