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Race Training Tips: How to Run Faster

Speedwork, without the Track

These four running workouts give you all the benefits of running fast without ever stepping foot on a track

Go Beyond the Oval

Speedwork, without the Track // woman running on a trail © Jon-Paul Harrison

Image: Jon-Paul Harrison

Whether you welcome it or dread it, speedwork does a runner's body good. "More than any other type of training, speedwork is the most effective at building your fitness because it really pushes you out of your comfort zone," says Andrew Kastor, an Asics running coach in Mammoth Lakes, California.

"You recruit muscle tissue that lies dormant during slow running and train your body to become more efficient at faster paces." Unfortunately for many runners, speedwork is synonymous with track—a venue that's often unavailable, inconvenient, or frankly, intimidating. But you don't need a synthetic oval to get your fast fix. Here are four ways to shore up your speed without running in circles.

These eight strategies will ensure your run remains the stress-reliever that it's supposed to be.

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