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Race Training and Running Techniques

Hard, Fast Rules for Race Training

Push your running pace, but don't crash into a wall. These race training tips will help you find a happy middle ground

Pace Yourself, Safely

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Runners tend to be a motivated lot, always compelled to do more and do it faster. Yet this desire to push our limits can send us over the edge. When our efforts to run faster leave us sidelined with injury or as flat as Frank Shorter's race-day Coca-Cola, there's a good chance that we've gone too far. The trouble is, we sometimes don't know the difference between a great workout and an overdone disaster until a day or two later, and then it's too late. Sometimes we don't know until a month goes by and we have a horrible race! Further complicating things is that each athlete is different in how he or she responds to difficult workouts. Despite the complexity, however, here are some basic rules to ensure that you're working hard enough to get the desired training effect—without going over the cliff.

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