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Are These 7 Exercises Worthless?

Stop wasting minutes of your workout doing moves that are ineffective and potentially dangerous

Broomstick Twists and Side Bends

Before you try to banish your muffin top by side bending it like Jane Fonda, consider this: Your back is designed to bend forward, not side to side. Side bends with dumbbells can put unnecessary pressure on your spine. And even if you use light weights, they’re probably not going to shave off inches. “People think side bends make their waists smaller, but you’re really building the obliques—which can make your waist look bigger,” says Michael Bronco, a personal trainer and owner of Bronco’s Gym in Charleston, SC.

Rotating your body from side to side with a stick behind your back isn’t going to help, either. Air aside, your core isn’t working against any resistance, so your abs won’t get a workout. If anything, you could hurt your lower back if you twist too quickly, says BJ Gaddour, CSCS and CEO of

Do this instead
Rather than rip it back and forth, try the pallof press, recommends Gaddour. Anchor a resistance band to a sturdy base at about chest or shoulder level. Gripping the free end of the band with both hands, step out a couple of feet and turn to the side of the base. Start with your arms close to the middle of your chest; then straighten your arms, keeping your hands in line with your sternum. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side. Your core is engaged by the tension of the band, so you’ll activate your muscles a lot more than you would with a simple twist.

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