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6 Extreme Exercise Challenges

Test your strength and get fitter, faster with these tweaks that turn pushups, chinups, situps, and squats into mind-blowingly cool moves

Kick Your Workout Up a Notch

6 Extreme Exercise Challenges // man doing pushup with chains © dwycifitness.com

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Pushups? Boring. Chinups? More like yawn-ups. Classic exercises like these are functional, build muscle, and accomplish at lot with simple movements. But they can do more—and can make you feel like a superhero—with simple tweaks that take them from regular exercises to extreme-ercises.

The following tips and exercise progressions from fitness experts will safely turn your chinups into core-blasting, body-control-testing single-arm chinups, your pushups into Rocky-esque one-arm versions and acrobatic handstand presses, your bench press into stress-blasting bench press throws, and more. You'll build a more complete, balanced body worthy of summer-blockbuster status.

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