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How to Boost the Power of Your Workout Plan

5 Things You Can Learn from Gym Rats

They may annoy the spandex off you, but gym rats also practice fitness habits that can take your workout to the next level

Secrets to a Successful Workout

5 Things You Can Learn from Gym Rats // women carrying Swiss balls © Thinkstock

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You may scoff at the meathead who’s angling to become the next cast member of Jersey Shore or at the cardio bunny who’s always hogging the treadmill, but these dedicated gym-goers know a thing or two about working out. For all their eye roll-inducing behaviors, the exercise-obsessed are, if anything, efficient, consistent, and cut. Luckily, you can cherry-pick the best of their habits to amp up your own workout, while ditching the excessive grunting and posturing. Read on to find out the five gym-rat habits worth adopting bigger gains and faster results.

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