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5 One-Pot Wonders

With little fuss, get your carbs, protein, and nutrients in just one bowl

5 One-Pot Wonders

5 One-Pot Wonders // 5 One-Pot Wonders © Lisa Shin

Image: Lisa Shin

After a cold run there’s nothing better than sitting down to a hot meal, ideally one that’s easy to prepare. Indeed, without much time or effort you can produce flavorful results using just one pot, says chef Biju Thomas, coauthor of The Feed Zone Cookbook. Add lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables, and “one-pot meals supply all the nutrients runners need for training and recovery.” And, says Thomas, because you consume all the liquids in one-pot recipes, “you don’t lose any nutrients that leach out during cooking.” These five recipes (each of which serves four) take 40 minutes or less to prepare and, once you get them going, require little more than stirring. Make one before you run, and heat upon return for a tasty reward. (Plus: Remember to stay warm outdoors with these 10 Tips for Running in the Cold.)

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