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How to Build Muscle

15 New Muscle Builders

Upgrade your workout—and transform your body—with these new fitness tips from the country's most innovative trainers

Build Bigger Muscle Fast

15 New Muscle Builders // man doing dumbbell chest press © Corbis

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The old reliable exercises are fine for producing old reliable results. But if you want a physique that's better than the body you have now, you need exercises that do more for you than the ones that took you to this point. Luckily for you (and your muscles), trainers and scientists across the continent spend their days asking excellent questions, such as "Why do we do it this way?" and "What if we did it that way?" The answers they find are surprising—and useful. Click through and read about exercise variations and technique tweaks from some of the country's most innovative trainers. You'll refresh your workout and soon have muscle in places you didn't even know it could grow.

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