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10 Muscles That Are Hard to Sculpt

From stubborn muscles that just won’t pop to secret spots you didn’t know you should (or could) hit, we reveal how to train your body's trouble zones

Strategies to Sculpt Every Inch

10 Muscles That Are Hard to Sculpt // back muscles © Beth Bischoff

Image: Beth Bischoff

No matter how much you try to train or target them, some muscles never seem to grow, pop, or get stronger. What’s more, there are other problem muscles you don't even know you're not sculpting—your training may miss them, or strength imbalances may keep them from being targeted.

The problem with this is that these muscles are also vital to keeping you healthy, strong, fit, and injury-free.

If you want a true total-body workout—and you do—fret not: Our experts are here to explain how to make the tough muscles pop, and the secret muscles grow stronger to protect you and sculpt the fittest you—the fittest total you—ever.

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