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Test Your Fitness

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Assess Your Form

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If you aren't seeing the results you expect from your workouts, there may be a simple reason: You're all alone. Many of us think we can do everything on our own, but sometimes you need a wingman to help you reach your potential. You see, weight training shouldn't be a one-man activity—at least not until you've perfected your form. Sure, you can hoist heavy objects until your biceps feel like they'll pop, but if you're hoisting incorrectly, you'll never look as good as you could—and you might hurt yourself in the process.

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That's why we turned to Mike Robertson, C.S.C.S., and Bill Hartman, P.T., C.S.C.S., co-owners of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. They provided expert tips that a buddy can use to analyze your technique on three common exercises. Open up to constructive criticism and you'll build the strength and size you want, without the pain and frustration that comes with thinking you're a gym genius.

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