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Fat-Burning Exercises: Pool Workouts

Splash Your Way Slim

Water workouts aren’t just for synchronized swimmers or grannies in swim caps. These six routines will help you cool off and get toned from head to toe

Pilates for the Pool

Strengthen your core with these “poolates” moves, also from Katz’ WET Workout plan.

Pilates side stretch: Hold on to the edge of the pool with one hand and bring the opposite arm up over your head and toward the wall, keeping your hip as far away from the wall as possible. Repeat on the other side.

Single leg circle: Stand in chest-deep water and hold on to the wall with your left hand. Bring your right leg straight up and circle 5 to 7 times in each direction. Repeat on the other side.

Double leg circle: With your back against the wall, hold on to the edge of the pool. Then lift your legs to create an L with your body. Keeping them straight, circle your legs clockwise and then counterclockwise 8 to 10 times each.

Leg scissors: With your back against the wall, hold on to the edge of the pool. Then lift your legs to create an L with your body. Separate your legs into a V, and then bring them back together, alternately crossing left over right and right over left.

100s with noodle support: Facing upward, place a noodle behind your back and another under your arms. Bring your legs up to tabletop position. Push your arms down, 10 pulses at a time, working up to 100. Make it harder by removing the noodles.

Bent-leg kick: Face the pool wall and place both forearms on the deck. Bring your feet alternately toward your butt by bending your knees.

Knee-ups: Stand in chest-deep water with your back against the pool wall. Inhale as you grasp your right knee and bring it forward toward your chest; hold. Exhale, returning to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Swimming with noodle support: In a face-down position, place one noodle under your arms and one under your hips. Move your arms and legs alternately up and down (right arm, left leg up, then left arm and right leg up), as if you were swimming in place.

Aqua lunge: Facing the pool wall, grasp the edge with both hands shoulder-width apart. Place feet on wall, beyond shoulder-width. Shift your body weight to the right by bending your right knee and straightening your left leg; then bend to the left.

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