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Fat-Burning Exercises: Pool Workouts

Splash Your Way Slim

Water workouts aren’t just for synchronized swimmers or grannies in swim caps. These six routines will help you cool off and get toned from head to toe

Lap Swim

If you haven’t swum since high school but are looking for a new way to stay fit this summer, go back to basics with this 30-minute 1,000-yard lap workout from Jane Katz, PhD, a Masters swimming champion and a member of the 1964 U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swimming Performance Team.

Warmup (5 minutes)

Begin with 5 minutes of water walking, water jogging, or aqua aerobics and light stretching.

Workout (20 minutes)

Easy 200-yard warmup (8 laps in a 25-yard pool, for example)

2 x 200 yards front crawl, backstroke, side stroke, breaststroke, butterfly, or a combination of strokes

2 x 100 yards kicking

2 x 50 yard sprints (little rest in between laps)

Cooldown (5 minutes)

1 x 100 yard medley of strokes followed by light stretching

Video: Breathe like this to swim faster

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