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Men’s Biggest Body Issues—Solved

Lose your man boobs, banish your beer belly, and bulk up your calves with these expert tips

Beer Belly

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The problem: Despite what its nickname may lead you to believe, it takes more than throwing back a few brews to grow a gut. Typically, your waist widens as a result of unhealthy eating habits—and if vanity doesn’t motivate you to trim your midsection, your health should. Most parts of the body are surrounded by a layer of padding called subcutaneous fat. The belly, however, also harbors visceral fat, which lies deep inside the abdomen and surrounds the organs. Excess visceral fat sets off a chain reaction in the body that increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

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Your fix: A balanced diet—not endless sets of sit-ups—is your best line of defense against a jiggly abdomen. “You can do a million crunches and see no difference in your midsection,” says Jim White, ACE-certified personal trainer and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition. Stick to meals around 400 calories and fill your plate primarily with fruits and veggies, as well as whole grains and lean proteins. Try to reduce your saturated fat intake to less than 7 percent of your total fat consumption, while still eating foods high in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS). Research indicates that MUFA-rich foods, like olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, target belly fat, prevent heart disease and ward off diabetes. Additionally, be sure you’re doing cardiovascular exercises to burn off belly fat. “Crunches have their part, but diet and weight training alone are what give body builders their abs,” says White.

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