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9 Ways to Stick to Your Gym Routine This Year

Never skip a workout again! These motivational strategies are scientifically proven to score you a healthy gym habit

Plan Rewards (and Penalties)

Health doesn’t have to be the only reward for working out regularly. Pencil in a reward (like a massage or that Marc Jacobs tote you’ve been eyeing) for every time you log a certain number of workouts. A word to the wise: Don’t reward yourself with food. Shoot for products or experiences that can give you long-lasting enjoyment, Montenegro advises. On the flip side penalties for missing a sweat session can be even more effective. Register the number of times you want to work out a week along with your credit card info at If you don’t follow through, the charity of your choice gets a payday, courtesy of your bank account. Choose a cause you’re anti for some extra motivation.

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