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9 Ways to Stick to Your Gym Routine This Year

Never skip a workout again! These motivational strategies are scientifically proven to score you a healthy gym habit

Grab a Friend

People who exercise with others are more likely to become regulars at the gym, according to research from Brock University in Canada. “Work out with positive and supportive people who provide you a sense of camaraderie and community, and tell you things like ‘you look great’ and ‘I’m proud of you,’” James says. Research suggests camaraderie (not competition) can improve feelings of self-worth and wellbeing, and encourage people to work out more regularly. Sign up for fitness classes or small group personal training sessions, or just schedule a regular gym date with your buddies. Besides upping your workout’s feel-good factor, it will force you to set—and stick to—that schedule we talked about.

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