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9 Ways to Stick to Your Gym Routine This Year

Never skip a workout again! These motivational strategies are scientifically proven to score you a healthy gym habit

Change Your Image

Stop calling yourself a couch potato—you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy. A recent study of 100 women found that the more dissatisfied women are with their bodies, the more likely they are to avoid exercise. If you see yourself as someone who doesn’t like to sweat, you’ll do things that people who don’t exercise tend to do—like not working out. However, research has shown that when people view themselves as exercisers, it becomes a fundamental part of who they are and what they do, says David E. Conroy, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology and human development at The Pennsylvania State University. Tell yourself you’re a fitness fanatic. Once you start logging regular workouts, it’ll be true.

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