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9 Ways to Stick to Your Gym Routine This Year

Never skip a workout again! These motivational strategies are scientifically proven to score you a healthy gym habit

Go Slow And Steady

“Forget the go-big-or-go-home philosophy,” says Kristen James, New York metro area fitness manager for Equinox Fitness Clubs. When you work out too hard—especially early into a routine before your body has a chance to adapt—you risk injuring yourself or just plain burning out, both of which can put an end to your gym habit. Once you have a fitness goal and deadline in mind, James recommends working backward: Determine smaller goals you’ll need to accomplish along the way and write down realistic dates for meeting them. (Video: A quick and easy living room workout routine) Breaking up your goal into chunks will make it feel more manageable and help you keep pace over the long term, she says.

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