Tips to Stay Fit in the New Year | Fitbie

Your Fittest Year Starts Here!

This customizable new-year-new-you shape-up guide will ensure you make a head-turning comeback—no matter what got you off track

Comeback Conundrum: You partied too hard over the holidays

Weeks of eating, drinking, and partying (and not exercising) have left you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having to undo the damage.

Training Tip: Hitting the gym hard in January can quickly lead to burnout. Rather than double your sessions or hours of cardio, choose manageable activities, like yoga or short strength circuits. (Tone your body calm your mind with this At-Home Yoga Routine.)

Mental Trick: There's this feeling of, Oh, what the hell, it's too late now. But keep in mind, it's easier to drop two pounds than 10, which could happen if you delay your comeback. You don't have to give up all indulgences cold turkey, either. Make one healthy swap or change each day to ease back on track.

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