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Your Fittest Year Starts Here!

This customizable new-year-new-you shape-up guide will ensure you make a head-turning comeback—no matter what got you off track

Comeback Conundrum: You're in the new-love bubble

Morning exercisers find it tough to get out of bed when there's a guy lying next to them; evening exercisers have a hard time passing up romantic dinners in favor of workouts.

Training Tip: Work out when he's not around—say, during your lunch break or built into girls' night (hit up a Pilates class and then head to dinner). Even better, get him to do it with you. "Working out together fosters good communication and mutual support," says Mantell. "It also gives you a shared interest."

Mental Trick: Turns out, exercise can do more to boost your sex life than sharing a bottle of wine: Research shows that frequent exercisers have more feelings of sexual desirability. And yes, spending time with your man is important, but one study found that women who do their own thing have happier marriages. (Is your boyfriend making you fat? Learn How to Beat Relationship Weight Gain.)

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