Tips to Stay Fit in the New Year | Fitbie

Your Fittest Year Starts Here!

This customizable new-year-new-you shape-up guide will ensure you make a head-turning comeback—no matter what got you off track

Comeback Conundrum: You work insane hours

Twelve-hour workdays don't leave much time for boot camps or long runs in the park (or even short runs in the park!)

Training Tip: Plan workouts when you have the fewest conflicts, which for most people is first thing in the a.m. Not an early riser? Inch your alarm back a little every few days; it will gradually reset your body's clock, so you'll have more energy, says Ken Baum, author of The Mental Edge. If you love (or need) to hit the gym at night, get changed before you leave work. That initial step will help you follow through. (A great way to start your day? This Energizing Yoga Routine.)

Mental Trick: Keep this in mind: not only can daily exercise help your mental sharpness, learning, and memory, but a recent study found that working out three or more times a week leads to higher pay.

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