Work Out at Home

Create the Perfect Backyard Gym

Use the gear in your garage or backyard to craft an intense total body circuit that will keep you in top shape all spring and summer long


Sledgehammer Swing
For a rotational exercise that will help build core strength, Richey suggests picking up a sledgehammer and whacking a tractor tire or weighted car tire—anything that can take the impact but remain stationary. To perform this move, pick up a sledgehammer and hold it like a baseball bat, then swing at the tire. Perform the exercise three ways: swinging from the right, swinging from the left, and overhead in a wood-chopping motion.

Tire Pull
If you’ve got a smaller tire on hand, tie the end of a rope around it, make a loop handle at the other end, and drag the tire across the yard, pulling it with your arms behind you, suggests Jack. Alternatively, you can tie the rope around your waist and use your entire body to haul the weight, he says.

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