Work Out at Home

Create the Perfect Backyard Gym

Use the gear in your garage or backyard to craft an intense total body circuit that will keep you in top shape all spring and summer long

Lug Nuts

Performing 100 body-weight squats at once is a daunting task, but distracting yourself with a simple game will help you power through a thigh-burning superset. For one heck of a leg workout, Richey suggests this exercise:

Line up 10 lug nuts, bolts, checkers, bottle caps or similarly sized objects in a row on a flat surface. Walk up to the first piece and squat to pick it up. Remember to use proper form, flexing at the hips and knees each time and standing all the way back up, advises Richey. When the first piece is in your hand, walk to the second. Squat and drop the first piece, come back up, then squat to pick up another piece. Continue this pattern of dropping and picking up until you’ve made your way through all 10.

Does your workout make you smell?