Work Out at Home

Create the Perfect Backyard Gym

Use the gear in your garage or backyard to craft an intense total body circuit that will keep you in top shape all spring and summer long


Get a stopwatch and start at the base of a hill. Sprint the hill, noting your time, then walk down. With each sprint, aim to shorten your time. To intensify the move, bear crawl the hill as fast as possible, suggests Richey. To do this, get on all fours and walk on your hands and feet. “The key is to keep your knees off the ground and your hands flat, as they would be if you were performing a pushup,” he says. “This is a tremendous drill for building core strength. I highly recommend this drill for folks who need to improve their mobility and functional level of strength.”

Calabrese suggests lying on a hill while performing situps or using the incline for lunges. Doing either exercise facing downhill makes the move easier, and facing uphill makes the exercise more challenging, she explains.

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