Work Out at Home

Create the Perfect Backyard Gym

Use the gear in your garage or backyard to craft an intense total body circuit that will keep you in top shape all spring and summer long

Swing Set

Your kids might use it for play, but a swing set is the perfect place to work on seriously toning your abs, hips, and lower back. “The instability of the swing causes the muscles of the core to engage as stabilizers more than if the exercises were performed on a stationary object such as the floor,” says Calabrese, who suggests the following moves.

Pushup: Place either your hands or feet on the swing.

Lunge: Face the swing with your front foot on the swing or away with your back foot on the swing.

Pullup: Lie under the swing and use it to pull yourself up.

Squat: Stand on the swing holding onto the chains and perform a squat.

Chest fly: Using two side-by-side swings, place one hand on each while in a pushup position. Move the swings together, then apart.

Knee tuck: Get in a pushup position, hands on the ground and ankles on the swing. Draw your feet in, tucking your knees toward your chest.

Also try performing a pullup, chinup, or hanging leg raise using the bar at the top of the swing set, Calabrese suggests.

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