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Create the Perfect Backyard Gym

Use the gear in your garage or backyard to craft an intense total body circuit that will keep you in top shape all spring and summer long

Take Your Workout Outside

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It’s a warm spring day and you’d give anything to be soaking up some rays instead of plodding through your strength training routine inside a stuffy gym. But with beach season right around the corner, you can’t just give up and go play. Instead, have the best of both worlds: Craft a killer workout that you can perform barefoot in your own backyard without dropping thousands of dollars on fancy fitness equipment. (Bonus: If you prefer an indoor workout, try this quick routine you can do in your living room!)

The catch: creativity—and a little rummaging through the garage—are required. We found three trainers to teach you how to use backyard staples to create a total body circuit that will build muscle, beat boredom, and boost your mood.

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